Me & My Boy's

No this is not the only dress I own, as my bestie tells me
 everyone will think. These photos were taken for my friends make-up portfolio so I'm using them!

Hi my name is Kim, welcome to my blog.
I am a cheeky 30 something, stay at home mum of 3 beautiful, over hyped boys aged 12, 9 & 2.

I was born in the lush Island of Barbados and I'm of Black Caribbean and Malaysian Chinese decent. I known for being serious but I'm oh so not(if you could be in my head when I process things you'd probably be on the floor in fits of laughter)!!!!! Lover of music of all kinds, dancing in front of my mirror and watching movies. Oldies and musicals are my fave.  What can I say, I'm emotional. Oh and a tad bit airy fairy....and a bit of a people watcher :D

My background is business and I have worked in an array of establishments from IND Immigration to B.T.  I completed a degree in business management in 2010 and now I run a community project with 2 of my homies.

I started this blog because I felt I had a lot to say about my family and life in general. I just about got my English GCSE and that's where it ends where writing and English language is concerned. I only started this blog as an outlet for the happy and the mental thoughts that buzz through my brain on a daily, and it has become a type of written memorabilia combined with photos for the kids to look back at. To show them how much fun we had and how much they are truly loved. My blog means a lot to me, it's has become something special and I enjoy writing and sharing. I confess, I have blog fever ahhhh!
You can tell by my blog I'm no professional and if it ain't your cup o'tea then that's cool, I'm just being me.

Meet my 'Monsters'

At 12 years old, he is kind and polite, creative, honest, shy and so laid back he's almost horizontal as I've often heard it said . Ish is always well behaved if he's not accompanied by his little bro.  Ish loves constructive debates, is interested in worldly issues and likes to play chess. He likes drama but his passion is dance, this lil big man feels the beat in every song.  Oh and how could I forget he loves food, just like his Mama.

(Ish is quite particular with his choice of photos, so i'll just leave you with this one)

9 years old, sport crazy, football mad. Die hard 'Spurs' supporter. Toooo much energy for his own good, that he can't even sit still to eat.  Izee loves praise, is a model student, smart, loving and is not short of female admirers. Isaaq speaks his mind without hesitation, which can be very embarrassing for me lol.

This 2 yr old is my biggest most cheekiest monster yet, he is very active.  Keeps Mama on her toes! Bogetti is 'the boss' and what he says goes. He is loud, beats up his bros, does not like sharing or sleeping, and potty training so far has been a nightmare! On a much more positive note, he is very smart, loving and a playful baby. Isa is a teaser, he's super quick and talks really well for his age.  This baby kicked ball at 9 months and is pretty much a combination of his older bros.

So please get in contact if you would like to work with me, as I might like to work with you too.

Thanks for coming over to have a peek & for getting to know me a little,
Kimmi xxx
 You can email me at or find me on twitter, follow @kim_chyna.