Sunday, 20 July 2014

Advice needed!

This is my pre-teen, he is soon to be 13 years old and is beautiful on both the inside and out.  To me my little growing man is absolutely, without a doubt, drop dead gorgeous.

I don't know whether it's a stage he is going through or whether it's something that we have done to him as parents, but he lacks in confidence.

This year he refused to take part in the Academy's sports day, his excuse was "there are too many schools there, the stadium is too big!". This might seem like a case of nerves but recently I've heard him saying a few different things which has lead me to my train of thought.

Whenever Mr M and I visit the Academy we notice all the cute girls cut through crowds just to walk right in front of him in a bid to gain his attention, whispering "Hi Ish" with the biggest of smiles. This completely goes over his head and no matter what I say to him, he still hasn't got much confidence.

It makes me sad. I wonder to myself what has made him this way. Is it something I've said to him or done? Is it inherited, a learned behaviour? I know I haven't always been the most confident.

What can I do? Who else has experienced this with their 12/13 year old?

I love this picture, it seems he doesn't like me taking photo's of him anymore. It's one of few that you'll get to see a real smile.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Making memories

There aren't enough hours in the day!
I want to do so many things, but always run out of time to get them done.  Sometimes my list of things to do seem never ending. Whether it be spending time with the kids, family, doing the house work, cooking, studying, work, programmes I want to catch up on; shopping, reading, meeting up with the girls, or having a little bit of me time.
Whatever it is, I don't seem able to fit it all in, or spend the quality time I want on them without compromising on quality or effort.
I'm exhausted just thinking about them and find it hard to establish a balance without spreading myself too thin.

I look at other blogs in awe and envy at how the author was able to do all these wonderful things that I was unable to in such limited time, and to top it off blog about it. To me their achievements are truly amazing. Maybe I'm juggling too many balls :-)

This week Izee and I did manage to do some baking, while pickle did plenty of eating.

Baking carrot cupcakes with butter & cream cheese icing... Yum!!

Summer holidays are quickly approaching and me and my Monsters are off to Barbados for our family hols. Where hopefully I will get the time to read, shop, watch programmes, go swimming, dancing, SLEEP and so much more! Making memories with my boys :-)

Pickle had his first big fall on Sunday, cuts and grazes on both hands *sad face*. We had plenty of huggles.

Izee had an extremely excellent school report. I'm glad to say he is over achieving in all subjects, making me a very proud Mama!

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Mama's Little Pumpkin

It doesn't seem that long ago when it was just me and Ish. My Ish, mamas little angel & my best friend(yeah I know, a lot of responsibility for a kid). My well behaved little pumpkin who loved nothing more than to give mummy cuddles and spend his time singing, laughing and joking with mummy.


Gone are the days I read him bedtime stories like 'a Squash & a Squeeze' or one of Thomas the tank engines great adventures, tucked him into bed and sang 'My House has A Baby Wee(A Chinese lullaby sung in English, taught to me by my mum) to ease him to sleep, while he would utter a sleepy "ni-night mummy, I love you" before his head lightly hit the pillow and he was out for the count.

A couple weeks back my now pre-teen, lost his very last baby tooth *quietly sobs*. Well it was a huge deal to me. He handed me his tooth nonchalantly, as opposed to putting it under his pillow. In a bid to get some money out of me I suppose, and gave me a look to say 'lets cut out all the pleasantries mum, we both know tooth fairies don't exist'. The same look I'd probably give my mum at his age. 

Ish has grown up so much, he's changing everyday and although I love the person/man he is becoming, I miss the days when he was my little pumpkin.

Minutes, days, weeks just whizz past us with no way of getting em back. We turn our heads and it's Summer, we look the other way and it's Christmas and before we know it, BAM!!! Another year has passed and we are another year older.

We must remember to enjoy the moments, spend time with the ones we hold dear and show them how much we love & appreciate them. It can be easier said than done, especially as we live in an age where mountains of entertainment are at our feet for the taking, stealing our time and attention from the things that are truly important.

So I have taken a vow to make time (not literally, obvs!) put down my remote, turn off the TV, switch off my phone, tablet, laptop whatever and just take the time to spend with the ones I love. As tomorrow isn't promised!

This is the my preteen prince today. Although he keeps on growing older everyday, he is still Mama's lil pumpkin :-)

Saturday, 5 July 2014

BritMums Live - Better late than Never

This is my BritMums Live post, yay!! Come's ONLY two weeks plus after the event itself, and TWO weeks plus after everyone else has published theirs lol.
What can I say? Late? I am! Un-organised? I am! But mostly I've just been busy, living my life undocumented with my cubs :)

I digress, BritMums!
Where shall I start???  It was fan-flipping-tastic! I was in awe by all the lights, the action, the hustle & bustle and the sea of bloggers eagerly awaiting the evenings events. 
I wasn't sure I would enjoy myself after mmming and ahhhing about going.
The reason I booked a ticket in the first place was due to my sister who had roped me in early last year  As usual I didn't give it much thought, I just booked. My only thoughts were a weekend away from being mum, a fun-filled city break from normality.

As the date for the 2-day conference crept up, I went into panic mode. Over thinking what other bloggers thought about my baby, my unorganised blog which is in no where near the picture I want it to be.
It is however a true reflection of me, the way I think and feel. The sometimes scatty, emotional and honest me. The me that doesn't use big words, partially because I don't understand them, plain old me who writes how I speak and although it's purposely done is not to everyone's taste. Oh and of course on top of that I had not published a post in forever. All the things I worried would make me an outsider to the rest of the blogging world.

The blogs I read are Gawjus to look at, extremely well written and updated often. All the things a blog should be. These writers are beautiful story tellers, craftsman, connoisseurs and chefs and I don't seem to fit into any of these categories, hence my worry.
Nethertheless on Friday the 20th of June I plodded onwards to Britmums live despite my fears, to offer companionship and support to my lil sis.

On arrival we were registered with warm smiles, given a name badge and as we were a little late ushered into Britmums#1 for our intro to the event.
This post is getting way too long and I have so much I wanna say, but I'm going to have to cut short and just give you a quick run down on my Britmums high and lows.

My highs:
  • Meeting the brands, who of course were so friendly, we had a good laugh together!
  • The Senegalese Tea lady - (who should get a promotion by the way!! Sorry she had to get a mention) made me giggle and her personality was friendly and one of warmth
  • Meeting one of the speakers Susie Burdekin who sat next to us on day 1 at the intro, she was extremely humble, friendly and a joy to chat with and her workshop was just what we needed in the form of motivation
  • The Bloggers Key note, which was extremely heart-felt and emotional
  • Great venue!
  • Last but not least Emily Beechers workshop on storytelling was brilliant and to top it off she gave us a sneek peek of her musical 'The Good Enough Mums Club' which was the highlight of my weekend.
My lows:
  • A few of the workshops I wanted to go to were in the same session
  • If I was nit-picking I would say the food wasn't really my cup of tea, I felt like I was snacking all day, and eating far too much sweet stuff. But like I said, I'm nit-picking!
  • A lot of bloggers were not very friendly, which by no means is a negative for Britmums, of course they can't be held responsible for the unapproachable and the clique's. Which if I'm honest was one of the reasons I wasn't looking forward to going to the event. One lovely lady I introduced myself to on the final day said she felt the same way. She had tried to introduce herself to a group of 3 ladies on day 1 and they were so icy she wasn't going to do it again, which is a complete shame.
  • I missed the keynote from Benjamin Dutton-Brooks, the author of Life As A Widower. This was due to having brekkie at the hotel(my feet just couldn't get back to 'The Brewery' as quickly as I wanted them to). On the plus side I got to meet him later and he signed my book :-)
I did meet a few good lovely people by the Grande finale.
My highs far out stretched the lows. So, all-in-all a big thumbs up for Britmums Live.
It was my first and hopefully not my last. I look forward to the prospect of being at next years event.