Monday, 19 May 2014

Morning Madness

Mornings in my house are a hustle and bustle. As the cock crows Izee is the first to wake up, making him the first one in the kitchen also. It's every man for himself in our house, so it's just as well the kids don't have any problems making themselves brekkie.

When they were small I had our little routine near enough set in stone, but now I can't say there's much in the way of organisation to breakfast time. In the morning everyone is either fighting for the bathroom or scrambling over each other to reach for comb's, creams and such. Unfortunately making breakfast the last thought before leaving home.

No matter how much I insist on hot cereal, Ish just grabs what ever he can as he embarks on his 100m sprint to school. He is always almost late everyday, for which I can never understand. Baring in mind his school is literally 10 mins away from our house.

When belVita gave me the opportunity to try their breakfast biscuits I welcomed the chance as a ray of hope for my dash through the door pre-teen! Mind you I don't normally eat breakfast either, and as the Caribbean saying goes 'Orange can't bare limes', so it's no wonder fruit does not lay far from the tree with this Ish!

We had 3 flavours to try:
  • Yogurt crunch
  • Fruit & Fibre
  • Milk & Cereal

If truth be told I just imagined they would be like any other biscuits, and that I'd need to eat half the box before I felt like I'd had a normal portioned size breakfast. To my pleasant surprise I enjoyed all 3 flavours, which accompanied with a cuppa and a slice of watermelon or some other fruit did the job of seeing me through to lunch.

Both the Milk & Cereal (my favourite!) and the Fruit & Fibre came in packs of four biscuits and the Yogurt crunch came in a slightly different pack of 2, doubled up with a layer of yogurt in the middle.

My breakfast accompanied with a cup of ginger tea!

Being 2 years old Pickle's belVita biscuit was accompanied by his morning cereal as you would expect, but he loved all three flavours.

Pickle enjoying his belVita milk & cereal

......and then they were gone!



I was given 3 packets of belvita breakfast biscuits and a Costa voucher for the purposes of this review, all opinions are my own.

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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Monday Melodies #12

Friday just gone was my birthday, I won't bother highlighting which one, as from 30 onwards I stopped counting! Nowadays I tend to count my blessings instead of my years. So when the usual question of "what you doing for your birthday?" came up, I gave my usual response "Erm, I dunno, not much, probably just have the family round".

But.....I have to say this year was made extra special for me. I enjoyed it from start to finish. Thanks to a special someone my whole weekend was enjoyable, stress free and full of surprises. Thank you my Darlin! ;) xx

There isn't much in the way of birthday songs that I would choose for my Monday Melody, nor will I subject you to a 4-5min YouTube Happy Birthday vid! So, I will leave you with this beautiful song by Miss Estefan, which I've had on replay in my head since hearing it on Facebook early last week.

It's literally been years since I heard it last! Definitely reminds me of my childhood.....and my age lol.

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Silent Sunday