Monday, 18 November 2013

Monday Melodies #9

Living with Mr M & Les Enfants
I have really been neglecting my blog over the last month. Life just seems to be zooming past.
Today I have yet ANOTHER appointment to view a nursery for Pickle. I hate looking for a nursery, there is almost always some news of a battered or molested child being reported on a daily. Also there's the fact most nurseries seems to be run by kids who've just finished school and have barely any life experience, let alone experience looking after a child, not that they're incapable but... Look I'm just saying all kinds of thoughts swirl around your head when you think about exposing your precious, fragile babies to the world.

Anyhow let's get on, it's that time of the week again, time waits for no man and all that...
If you've been following Monday Melodies you will see for yourself that although I'm partial to an old song or two, I'm not really fussed about what type of music it is. I just love Musique!

Lady Antebellem
If you've never heard of them, you haven't lived...okay not quite, but in my opinion, it's great music.  The first song I heard from them 'I need you now' was downloaded to my good old IPOD Touch in no time and today still remains one of my favourites. So here it is, cos I'm in that mood. Not that mood! Get ya mind out the gutter! The slow Jamz mood o'course. Enjoy!  ;-)

Monday, 11 November 2013

Monday Melodies #8

Living with Mr M & Les Enfants

Today could of easily been another Rainy day's and Monday as
  1. I just love the song
  2. and I'm a bit of an old soul.
Every Monday I fight the urge to upload a song well beyond my years and even though I love Music in general I tend to stick to the old stuff as it is so feel good. The Christmas season is coming up expect to see plenty of the good old Nat King Cole up in the place :-)

This year has been beautiful, full of self-development, and progress in all aspects of my life. In business, I have found something that I love doing and I am working with and meeting some really wonderful people. I never dreamed I would be where I am now. Watch this space!

My song represents how I feel about London. Although I complain all the time, London has got to be one of the best cities in the world and even though you will often hear me say "I need some sun" or "I need to get out of here" there is definitely a warm feeling and a fondness I have towards this concrete jungle. She is my friend and one I can't live with or without. The opportunities come in multitudes here and it's and inspiring place to live, you just have to learn to unlock her secrets.  It's where dreams are made. ;-)

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Ignorance is Bliss

I've often heard people say 'I wish I was a child again, life was so carefree', but me personally, I think life is the way it is for a reason. When I really consider the idea of it, even though youth has it ups, it also has some horrible experiences that go along with it.

For instance having to go through puberty again would just be AGONY! Like when your boobs start to grow (painful!!!), or the first time you get your monthly(and every 'bleedin' month after that, no pun intended!!!), not to mention FIRSTS! That uncomfortable first kiss, the first time you have sex, or first time you got your heart broken...into pieces!! We like to romanticize these things but really they are just plain friggin awful, maybe we can bring ourselves to laugh at a few of those things now, but it all sounds like a blooming nightmare now, doesn't it?

I would love to have the carefree aspect of youth, just like any other, the supple ache less bones, energy and never-ending gut that no matter how much cheese, cookie dough ice-cream or chocolate I consume, it wouldn't make the slightest bit of difference to my teeny tiny waist!
But on the grand scale of things, to live through it again pfhhh PLEASE! Thanks but, NO THANKS!

I went through a lot of racism growing up, people don't really like to talk about it, kinda brush it under carpet through fear of being labelled as 'having a chip on their shoulder' or being told to get over it. Some of us like to just get on with it and not be reminded of bad times. I'm not talking about slavery, I'm just talking about my own little journey, but if the truth be told it does go that far back. 

I've told you guys before that I was born on the lushilicious Island of Barbados. Well, moving over to England at the precious age of just 4 was a bit of an adventure for me, I went from the hot to the cold, from seeing predominantly Black faces everywhere to White faces. The change in culture and food came as a surprise but a good one.
I took this all in my stride being the bold little Bajan I was, what wasn't so brilliant was the reception of some of the local people. I was called names I don't care to share, and treated as though I wasn't even a child, or that I was wrong and dirty.  The funny thing is I saw myself as British. I was born British as my dad was in the British army and The Royal Air Force which gave us automatic citizenship, my mum was a nurse and my dad even played cricket every Sunday, but we we're not British enough I guess.

Secondary School was a nightmare!! I went to school in Biggin Hill, Kent at a school called Charles Darwin. Yet again teased and taunted for being Black, but enough of that. Don't like to daunt on the past, but much of my past experiences have made me hate myself and my appearance at times.

I'd like to say the worlds a much better place, but in reality it isn't for any of us that picks up a paper, watches the news or are interested in worldly affairs, but in terms of racism in this country it is a much better place.

My kids don't really go through any of that rubbish racist stuff today, and are completely dumbfounded when they witness it in the slightest, or when I tell them what life was like for me as a child. We don't talk about it often and I am relieved my babies do not have to go through the hardships their dad or I had to go through.

Which is what brings me to my rant. I am utterly flabbergasted when I hear ridiculous people say things such as 'I think black women are ugly'. If you truly think that, keep your ignorant opinions to yourself. There are beautiful women in every race, just like they are less attractive people in every race. I think it thoughtless, and quite ignorant to class a whole race as being ugly.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Monday Melodies #7

Living with Mr M & Les Enfants
I was going to give Monday Melodies a rest this week and give my blog some much needed love, but I've decided I can do a bit of both.

This half term has been wonderful, me and the kids have had such a fantastic time and I only hope the memory of it stays with them. Usually it's Mr M that gets to play PS3 with them, roll around the floor with them and do all the fun things, while I have to take care of business, running the house, dinners etc. This week I decided we were going to have real time together to talk, laugh and have lots of fun.

So this is what we got up to, in no particular order:
  • Went to the movies
  • Visited Crystal Palace Park Farm with my Big sis and niece, I'd like to say fed the ducks but although they got a slight look in, the greedy Seagulls and Geese stole most of our bread.
  •  Baking cranberry, macadamia & white choc chip cookies with the kids, which were delish! 
  • A family day out with my sister, niece & nephew, which consists of a visit to the Tate Modern, getting a bit lost, packed lunch on a bench with a river view, coffee and frappachino's at Starbucks, being chased by some vampire bloke with a red and black laced bra, dinner at Garfunkel's Piccadilly, a quick tour around M&M world, with plenty of photo taking and a Haagen-Dazs to go! Arriving home just before the 176 bus turned back into a pumpkin, happy but thoroughly exhausted! 
  • A much loved visit to Grannies
  • A farewell dinner for Granddad as he is flying home to Barbados for the winter.
There is really so many incredibly fun things to do and see in London, and we are truly blessed as lot of them are free. The main destination for our family day out was to visit the British Museum, but unfortunately we did not get there before closing time, so that will be an outing for another time. The whole day we just went with the flow, with no time limits and had plenty of fun and laughter.

(will put some pics up in a bit)

Today so far I've done a little cleaning and now I'm chilling like a villain with Izee & Pickle.
Izee has an Inset day so we are playing 'Who wants to be Millionaire on the Kindle'.
I have the heating on full blast, As the house was well below my comfort temp this morning, even though the winter has been kind so far. I'm so not one of those people who are mean to themselves in the winter due to our ever increasing gas bills!! Don't worry I know I'll pay for it when I see the bill, but for now imma be happy and hot, hot, hot. Which brings me to my choice for Monday Melodies!

Don't forget the linky is now open all week, so if you find yourself, having a Tuesday Choon,  Slow-jam Saturday, Soulful Sunday or so on then just join in :-) xx