Monday, 30 September 2013

Action Aid - Childhood memories

It's heart-breaking when you hear or read in the papers about a child that's been hurt, killed or suffered in anyway. It's sad to know that this kind of thing is not uncommon and that children can't have their God given right to a happy childhood.

At the mo ActionAid is running something called the #Rebuild campaign, which was bought to my attention through a warm post written by @dadcalledspen.

The aim of this campaign is to help rebuild the lives of children who have been affected by war in their country. ActionAid highlight the effects of the war on children, and the communities in which they live.

Check out the video of one of ActionAids Ambassadors Sarah Alexander's on her visit to Sierra Leone, where she talks about the Child sponsorship programme they run, the work that ActionAid is currently doing and how far they still have to go to help these children.

A few celebs are promoting this very worthy cause by recreating their happy childhood memories and sharing them. In order to help us create awareness for these children in need and their right to a safe and happy childhood with prospect's of a wonderful, bright future.

I was given the gift of a loving childhood, thankfully so are my children. One of my most prominent and fond memories I have growing up was watching and reacting(yes here it comes) The Sound Of Music!!  Singing my heart out to doe, ray, me, pretending I was a girl in a white dress with blue satin sashes and subjecting my lil sis and (yes) baby bros to do the same :-). I was and still am a nut for musicals and so are my kids!!

Join in and recreate one of your fav memories for a good cause and just for fun!


Sunday, 29 September 2013

Monday Melodies #2

Living with Mr M & Les Enfants

Hello everyone! :-)

My choice for Monday Melodies this week is a song I fall in love with over and over again and it moves me every time I hear it. It's sums up how I've been feeling.

I relate the words to myself as I often do with most music.
This song is for those of us that get discouraged if things don't go according to plan.

Oh and if you need a reminder of what to do then here's the rules!

Join the linky below. 

Silent Sunday


Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A note to my friend

This is a note to my friend.
Read these words and please take them in.

You ARE beautiful, both inside and out!
You ARE intelligent.
You DO DESERVE love.
You ARE worthy.
You are NOT sick or mad.
You did NOT do anything wrong.
You CANNOT be replaced!
You are NOT weak.
You CAN love someone new if you open you're very broken heart!
You have NOT lost everything, but you MUST let GO!
You CAN be happy.

I don't have the answer's you need,
I don't know how this story will end, all I know is, it's not your concern what other's think,
YOU are your concern.

What happened to your dreams? Your happiness?

Since 2008 you've been crying. Been feeling sad, lost and hurt. You haven't thought about YOUR health, YOUR happiness. Concerned with another selfish human being and lost track of your self-worth.

You've been through so much, you really have. What does it take? The mental, the physical , the fear, the loss, loss of the worst kind.
When is enough, enough?

I know you're sad right now, I know you think you don't have anyone. I know I can't feel what you feel or walk in your shoes, nobody can, but know that I'm here.

Listen to me when I tell you, you will without a doubt, undeniably know love when it hits you.
Stop asking yourself the same questions over again, madding yourself. Deep down you knew he wasn't right.
Your situation won't change until you choose to change it! You've been here too long girl.
Start living again. You have life, so live it.  Be STRONG like I know you can.

I hope these words aren't too hard for you to hear.
I hope you realise I say them for love and not to hurt you.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Monday Melodies #1

Welcome to my first Monday Melodies post. I'm so excited to add this new addition to my blog and I hope you enjoy.

If you need to know the rules click here

Whilst writing this post I was at my sisters thinking about how tired I was and how long my drive home would be.
I'm a bit all over the place at the moment and there is loads going on in my life.

My song this week sums up how I feel right now. #overthinking

Remember choose as little or as many words as you want to describe your mood and song choice. Thanks in advance, can't wait to hear your song!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Sleepless in South London

Sleep! What is that again?

Tonight I feel so tired, almost too tired to blog, but I wanted to at least write a few words before sleep catches me.  It's funny the whole of my up beat team (WKYW) seem rather tired today. I'm anaemic and almost always forget to take my iron tablets, so you could say my lack of energy is self inflicted.

Today I took Mr Spaghetti to playgroup with my sister and her lil one.  We haven't been to playgroup in a while and I thought it would be good for Isa to spend some time with other tot's his age. When we arrived to my surprise Isa went off and played solely on his own, from time to time he would touch base with his cousin, they'd have a little chat and then off they went in different direction's.

I sincerely hope next week he will socialise a little more than he did today, as I plan on sending him to nursery in a few weeks time, and I have nuff worries and doubts running through my overly exhausted mind.

Going to bed now as I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow!

Monday, 16 September 2013

Fab Fave phrases

This week Mr Bogetti Isa Spagetti's favourite sayings are:

Er it's disgusting!

Leave him, he's just a baby!

& I like it!

It's so bloody funny when your just turned 2 year old comes out with these new phrases. What's even more funny is the weird faces he pulls alongside the high pitched way he says them.

I'm loving the progress he's making, seems like I'm starting all over again though, as there is a 7yr age gap between Bogetti and Izee.  I can't remember much of Ish and Izee's baby days to be honest.  Does that make me a bad mum? Probably, but there's not much I can do there. My memory is poo when it comes to anything past last week.
Hope that's not early dementia....always worry about that.

Today I have not one but two malingering sick children, both of which are vegged out in front of the telly demanding all kinds of food.  I'm sure my kids think mummy's an ediyat. I allow them to get away with it today because I'm never really a 100% sure with my two. One of them has got to be a Hollywood A lister with these acting skills.  On the reals though, come on boy's where's the work ethic!!

Bogetti is terrorising them LOL, so I think they will probably want to go back to school tomoz.  Love him to bits, just walked upstairs and he's singing his heart out "n'umba jacks are on their wayyyy!".

Saturday, 14 September 2013

70 Today

OMG my Dad is 70 today man!!!! Epic, and I wasn't going to say much about it because..... I simply forgot #embarrassed.  If it wasn't for my big sis P and MummaG he probably would not have entered my mind until a bit later in the day(hopefully).

So a big happy birthday shout out to Mr W.W. Houston, my dad. I pray you live to see many, many more. You are truly blessed.  Love you much :D

not a very clear picture I'm afraid of
Dad and(I think) my big sis P, not sure we
almost looked the same at that age.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Sleigh bells ring

Autumn or fall as some call it is undeniably here!! I feel a chill in my spine when I wake up in the morning and look outside my slightly misted window. I see Autumn as practically WINTER in disguise lol because I hate the cold.  The only difference is the beautiful auburn leaves that surround us........ok maybe it's a lil touch warmer than it will be in the next few months.

This time of year is actually one of my fav's, that is once you got re-accustomed to the darker days and the steady decline in temperature.  The best for me is waking up in your warm house, glaring through the window with a coffee, tea or hot choccy(depending on your mood) in your hand whilst you watch the rain softly pitter patter against your window and follow the rain drops run down the glass and sort of day dream through the list of a 100 things you've actually got to do that day.

Today Bogetti has started the day with a bang, like every other day I suppose. So far he has demanded his usual "Milk", woke everybody up in the house, sat on a few faces, licked a few arms(don't ask) and wrecked the house. Within minutes he can turn what looks likes a model room at the ideal home exhibition to a disaster zone area.

But how could you stay angry with this little mischief maker?

Even while I'm writing this post he is bouncing all over me demanding full attention and rightly so.

I love the holiday season and Christmas is just around the corner, I say this because every year we feel its so far away and by the time we look around it's staring us right in the face. That and the fact they have started with the Christmas adverts and are stocking the shelves with all things xmas already.

I am not a Christian so I don't celebrate it, but there is definitely a charm to this time of the year, for me it is the fact that they put so much effort into making it magical, people make are in better moods, there is plenty of family time, home baked goods, home cooking, FOOD, FOOD and more FOOD, brilliant movies on the box and so much more. Your probably thinking this mad girl is thinking about xmas already, well not really but...... yes I am looking forward to the season of good will, that and stuffing my face with all the home cooked goods there are to offer :D

Can you tell I like food?

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Go to bed, my sleepy head

Bogetti has had a rollercoaster of emotions today. This afternoon he decided he was going to scream and cry the house down when it came time for me to cook dinner. He refused to play with either one of his brothers and got himself worked up to the point of exhaustion. Needless to say I had to delay cooking dinner. So I picked him up, gave him a long cuddle and asked him what was wrong, to which he gave me a dirty look, nor did he reply. 

He is definitely going through something at the moment because he's sleeping quite a bit, I've done all the usual checks so it's nothing too serious...maybe it's just teething :(
After the tears stopped I put him down and about 5 minutes later I heard him rolling on the floor, dancing and laughing his head off to the sound of the gummy bear singing gangnam style on the kindle fire HD.

Bed times in my house are no longer routine as they once were, before 'The Boss' aka Isa was born. I would put Ish and Izee in the bath together, they would scream "mum, can I come out now" and I would take them out the bath and shoo them off to cream and dress, then tuck them in and read a bed time story. The whole process would be done by 8pm, because that's when 'ME' time begins, and if they weren't down by 8pm I might just turn into a monster!

Isa's bedtime is 7.30/8pm, Izee bedtime is 8pm and Ish 9pm.
Does it work out like that? The answer is.......NO! Bogetti, unlike other 2 year olds is still in my bed. He will not be left alone, so there is no kissing of the cheeks, saying goodnight and leaving him. Lil man wants to play, sing, jump, bite mummy, fight mummy, play with my chest, skin, face. You name it, anything but sleep. Meanwhile Izee will not go in the bath until I chase him in and send him off to bed and Ish pretty much does the same.

Tonight was slightly different as Isa didn't roll around, try to lick me or do anything else crazybabyish, he lay next to me and we both listened to our usual bed time song Sleepy head by Nat King Cole which we had on repeat. This time he decided he would also sing, which I thoroughly enjoyed and anything beats singing twinkle twinkle little star like a 100X before Mister actually nods off to dreamland. Izee still had to be told to get into the bath and bed, he did so with no argument.

My kids are all in blissful sleep. They all sleep extremely badly by the way, sleep talk and everything lol!


I actually first heard this song on cbeebies and fell in love with it, if you haven't heard it yet I know you will love it just as much as we do.

Monday, 9 September 2013

I can see through the rain.

Today is one of those days like many of recent, where I get up and feel like I have to apply my smile before I brave the world or show my face to even my kids.  A bit like how some women have to put on make-up before being seen. For me, my smile is my make-up.

A few old songs just popped into my head.

I went to an event on Saturday with our WKYW team, called I-inspire. From this event I took away with me a few things.

  1. Recognition that I am going through a `transition`
  2. You can have a few of these in life
  3. Don't give up on yourself or your goals to please others.
  4. Last but not least, everyone has their own problems and you`re kinda on your own.  So have a good relationship with God. (May not apply to all, but it applies to me)
It's obvious to me that this `transition` is not uncommon and at some point in a person's life they will transition and come out a different, newer version of themselves at the other end of the process. It can be a good or bad outcome. Some of us get spat out at the other end if we weren't strong enough to endure the process.

If you haven't gathered by now a `transition` (interpreted by Yvonne @ I-inspire) is a process we all go through at some point or another which changes us forever, however big or small a change.

What scares me the most is that I know I'm in unknown territory and I am alone in my journey and I've never really had to deal with or go through anything on my own before.

Although many have been through a similar journey, everyone's circumstances are different and when your going through it, your doing it alone so it's a very individual experience.

I know I need to go through this and things need to change for me, unfortunately things will change for my family too, but I have faith it's for the better!

Sunday, 1 September 2013

The prodigal son returns

Yesterday I opened a face book page for my blog and on setting up my page it had asked me to choose from my friends list who I want to invite to like my new page, after ticking away for a bit I had the sudden realisation that all these people were probably actually gonna take a peek at my blog (#bb embarrassed face) at times I can be a bit jump now, think later!!
Panic set in....what might people think of my inner most thoughts and my crazy decision making.... e.g. my uncles and aunts, but then I thought to myself fuck it!! I'm a big 34 year old women :D who runs my own house, pays my own bills and no one walks in my shoes but me.
Writing this blog meant I was going to bare my airs and graces to all, it was a tough decision for me and was not taken lightly. If you asked my sis Gail aka MummaG how many times I was suppose to start my blog and didn't, she would probably giggle. 
All round I think I'm quite a open book, some things I'd rather not say to you for your own sake more than mine, through fear of embarrassing you or hurting your feelings. Though in my crazy mind I don't always like to hear the truth coming from other peoples mouths especially when it comes to me and my family. 
I think everyone should be an open book though, there would be a lot less confusion in the world, but almost everyone gives you a version of themselves instead of letting you know the real them. I won't name any names because the list is far too long but you know who you are...yes you!! Just joking!! Or am I? lol :D

All of my children love to go out, on road or street as we call it in my house. Izee will be the first to want to go out in the day as he is the most active, with Isa not far behind with his"shoes mum, I want to go road!". Ish however, loves to sleep out and is forever asking 'mum can I sleep at blah blah's house!?' so Saturday he was in his element when I answered "yes Ish, you can sleep at Addonis's house"; so he had a shower, rushed his dinner and packed a bag as if he was leaving me for a week. He said a faint "bye mum" and almost shut the door before I screamed "Ismail, do you think you're a big man and can leave this house without saying goodbye properly??" he returned gave me a peck on the cheek and said "No mum, bye" and he was gone, without so much as even a phone call to say goodnight :(.  Guess he's growing up and doesn't need me so much anymore.
Today he returned home, late as usual and of course oblivious to the fact that we missed him so much. As he walked in, I heard his Father say to him "oh the prodigal son returns", he looked up and smiled, which made me smile.

*Sorry for the swearing Mum x