Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Green is beauty

Tara has set this weeks theme as 'Green' on the sticky fingers gallery, so I will talk about all things green in this post :)

I love Green it's my favourite colour, my birthstone its self is an Emerald. I see green in so many different ways and being around it always seems to calm my mood.
It is vibrant, bright and reminds me how the world continues to regenerate itself every year, through the different season's from summer right back around to spring.

This is a picture from my bedroom window of my back garden.

so fresh and so green

Although I love the outdoors, parks, plants, farms and all things green, I should tell you I have also been known to kill a plant or 2......or 3 :(

Marijuana AKA Green, a gift to mankind or a plight?
Does its medicinal purposes out way the horrific side effects?

The way I see it is each to their own I won't judge you or dislike you because of it, BUT through my own personal experience I can safely say I can't stand the stuff.
In my eyes it makes MOST people lazy, over think, and have erratic behaviour.  I have tried it in the past as most young people do but maybe because I was too chicken to inhale it properly it didn't really have an effect, all I can remember thinking is 'what is the big deal!?'.

My little brother on the other hand started smoking from young and now suffers mental health issues, which has totally changed his life and mine and obviously the way I see things.  I may or may not talk about this more at a later date, but it is rather a delicate subject for me so we will see.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Worst Hair day!

On Friday I got it into my head that I wanted to dye my hair. Oh Gosh, why oh why did I think this! So I jumped up, went to superdrug and bought the colour I thought would look great in my hair. I went to mum's where I prepared the colour and she dyed my hair.......this is the result, not a great pic but you can see what a disaster it turned out to be.

Its patchy thanks to mum and super bright at the front, never mind lol Mr M loves it and its a change from the norm. I will re dye it in 2 weeks.

Saturdays are usually a hustle and bustle, as with anyone who has children knows, you got to wash, dry, iron school uniforms, clean the house and then we have activities such as dance group, parties that your children have been invited to, or maybe shopping to replace school shoes!!!!!

This week however, its been a quiet one I marched the kids off to the barber this morning, for a long over due 'trim', put Isa to sleep for his mid-morning nap and was off to Tesco's to do a bit of shopping. Since then I have lazed around the house as I have lent my vacuum cleaner to my monster-in-law oops I meant mother-in-law lol. Only joking she really is a lovely women with a heart of gold X.
Another reason I can take it easy today is that Mr M has decided to cook me and the kids dinner mmmmmm it looks delicious doesn't it? It tastes even better and I am not really a fan of Salmon but it really is fantastic in flavour and he is welcome to make it anytime he feels like.

Lil Isa is not eating at the moment, I dunno whether he's making a statement about my cooking, or its just a low on the roller coaster that is teething.  Well in saying that he eats an awful lot of grapes and biscuits so maybe that's what's filling him up.

This is me and my kids with our new hair lol.


Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Sticky fingers Gallery theme: Dads

There are some people in the world that have the gift to charm, they are a joy to be around, can engage in good conversation, they have good looks and can make you feel sooo special.  My Father is one of these people, the original player and can charm the socks off most.

I can safely say I was a daddy's girl up to the age of 11/12, he was the bestest, most strongest man in the world to me and I had so much love for him.  Pretty soon the stars in my eyes disappeared and were replaced with an unveiling of many faults.  I then realised that in fact my mum was my mother and my father rolled into one.

My mother is the glue that bonds my family together, the backbone, my support through thick and thin and is a Queen in my eyes.

Mr M is a good father, although he is very highly strung, has a hot temper and has a tendency to scream his lungs out, there is another side to him that is gentle and kind when dealing with his children.
Unlike my father, he actually remembers birthdays and days, months or years when they started to walk, talk or do something spectacular. 
I actually think that Mr M's parenting skills are very good, he spends a lot of time with the kids, rolls around on the floor with them, takes them to football, gives them plenty of love and affection and supports them financially. All in all they think he is a super Dad and that is what's most important.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Today was a good day

Okay why did I ever think that it was a good idea to give Ish a contract phone?  Since I gave Ismail his Blackberry; I've had nothing but trouble from him, deleted conversations, pinging to all hours of the night and now to top it off the preadolescent, wanna-be-rude boy/dancer Eldest son of mine has run up a bill of £140!!!!

Even I don't talk that much, I expected that if he faltered it would probably be approx. £40-£60 maximum, but noooooo! Ismail goes double and some.  Last week I could have strangled him with my bare hands!!! Oh no people it doesn't stop there. Ismail hasn't even got his phone at the moment because it has been confiscated at school for ringing in class!!!! Ahhhhhhhh
What can I say except believe me he ain't gonna do it again!

Today was a good day, I have been feeling a lil low lately to say the least and so has my positive team, so we have been unable to bounce off each other and lighten things up. But today I decided enough is really, enough is enough of this crap. I'm putting all the negatives out the door and opening the window to all the good things I know that are coming my way this year.

I went to the dentist this morning which was uncomfortable and invasive as always but was over quickly, I  continued on to my local Café with my Cheeky Monkey and a friend for a long awaited brunch.

Today Isa otherwise known as The Mischief Maker decided he wasn't going to play ball and misbehaved the whole time we was in the Café, by embarrassing me with his high pitch screams and the throwing of food and toys to all passer-by's.  As you can imagine I ate hurriedly, paid and left ASAP.  Even though he had a few fans.


I then picked up a few bits in Superdrug's to add to my beauty maintenance  ;) and then I walked home.

Isa is still going through his pre terrible two's, he still doesn't sleep properly through the night and he is still biting and pulling my boobs out at any given chance!! I stopped breast feeding in October last year by the way!

Isa going through his regular nightly tantrums just before bed

Oh Gosh, was I really contemplating having more???? I think....I actually might ;)  Watch this space lmao x

Was suppose to go see Man of Steel today, ended up chilling with Jazz whilst Mr M was DJing with the kids in the kitchen.

Before I forget big shout out to Vinny and KK, must make that play date soon xxxx

Invisible key

I think it takes a weak person who cannot communicate their thoughts or feelings across to others. That was me for a very long time, it may sound harsh to say this but I believe it, and I have always been harsh on myself.

I use to withhold the things I needed to say to people so not to hurt their feelings, even though not communicating my thoughts would hurt mine in return and I have even done this with certain family members, not naming any names lol! But seriously this can be detrimental to ones mental and physical health, and what happens ultimately is that you have a lot of built up frustrations and anger towards people and life.

My sister and I made a video on Friday named 'Trust' for Women Know Your Worth (did I tell you the website is up and running :D). In which we discussed the fact that being hurt should not determine that you turn into a closed person, who now is not willing to trust, through fear of being screwed over again. What kind of life would you live? One without adventure and meaning? Without living and trying with someone you truly love just because you've been hurt before.

You will end up watching everyone around you get married and have children, move on whilst you are still stuck. Maybe not stuck in the past but stuck as in stagnant, not being able to move forward or open your heart to something so wonderful, something that you haven't ever dreamt that you could even have.  That something is not necessarily perfect but is prefect for you, regardless of what others think and feel.

Which brings me back to where I started about communication, so many relationships break down because people cannot communicate their true feelings;

I just want to have sex,
I love you and want to be with you, but you've hurt me and it'll take time to rebuild and regain my trust,
I don't love you any more,
Your all I've ever wanted but I hate the way you behave....

What ever it maybe communication is always the key in any relationship and without it your relationship will ultimately break down at one point or another and you may not ever get it back. Communication and trust goes hand in hand.

You have to sort of laugh when people think you should know what they're thinking, I'm done with mind reading, so all those that know me, if you really love me and want us to have a relationship, partner, brother, mother, sister or friend then please use words when wanting to express your thoughts, because communication is key lol xxx

Peace and love, stay blessed.


Friday, 14 June 2013

Hectic but beautiful times

I have been trying for the last 2 weeks to do a post on my blog, but lately I never seem to find the time or the energy. If I'm not busy with WKYW, event planning, some sort of social media for WKYW or family, then I'm just plain knackered and can't muster the energy to express my thoughts and tap the keys on my new lovely laptop.

Wow I really have been super busy and so not to inundate you with everything that I have been up to, I'm just going to skim my last fortnight. I have recently bought a slendertone belt because since my baby Mr Isa Myrie was born, I cannot seem to shift my overly big mummy tummy.

A lot of people say to me 'I don't know what your talking about Kim' but as Mr M and the rest of my bloody family keep reminding me my stomach has actually got a bit bigger than I'd actually like. I've always tried to keep up with going to the gym and to keep my fitness levels up but right now, financially and time wise this is not really an option.  So I decided to order slendertones latest belt in an endeavour to achieving a slimmer waste line. I started my programme on the 1st June so we will see how it goes :)

You didn't really think I was gonna post a pic of Tina the talking tummy as me and my sister Gail like to call our mummy tummies.

Women Know Your Worth had our 4th Bi Monthly free seminar Saturday 8th June just gone. Our team was very proud of the outcome, it was a success and we had wonderful feedback, built relationships and had an excellent time!


We look forward to our next event and hope to see you there!

Also we have just launched our website, it is still a work in progress but feel free to have a look.

After our event I had to rush home cook, eat and shower and then we was on to Isaaq's football awards ceremony. As you know my Izee loves him some footy and was happy to socialise with his best friends and the rest of the team on Saturday evening and partied till late.  Although, he was very disappointed as you can see in this pic, but that's a story for another day! I don't wish to put negativity into such a positive post :D!

Just a few pics of Isa and Daniels play day in the park


Sunday, 2 June 2013

kids, life and relationships

It's been a while since my last post and I've been up to loads.  Women know your worth(an organisation run by my sister Gail our friend Gen and myself) have been busy, making merchandise, marketing our event, having tables at events and on top of that trying to spend half term occupying our lil ray's of sunshine with fun things to do.

Its been hectic and its taken a toll on my energy levels, but I can't say I love it any less.
My kids have been the main focus of this past half term break and I've spent time taking them out and watching movies with them. 
Isaaq's scary face at an event we went to.

Ismail and Isaaq have more or less argued everyday since the half term began with Isa close behind them watching their every move and learning quickly from it. My saving grace has been the fact the boys like to go out and play football at any given chance!


Isa is still teething and has definitely entered the terrible two's stage.  This baby screams the house down and keeps mumma on her toes from 6 to 8 everyday, with demands from biscuits, juice, grapes, to "outside mummy" but he is so worth it and I love his personality to bits, he is Mummy's cheeky little monkey.
I have really enjoyed this half term put aside all the worries and stress life brings but I am glad schools back on tomorrow and my muchkins can get back to their routines!!!!

Lately it seems like there has been a surge in unhappy relationships.  Someone I know is either getting a divorce, not treating their partner with the respect and love they deserve, cheating, or moving out of their joint home.

If you ask me the problem is men, they would like to think we are the confused ones but in actual fact it seems to me as though they are just full of.....mmm what's the word???.... CRAP!!
I was going to put the question to you guys, Do you think this surge is a figment of my imagination or do you think it's not a surge and that things have always been this way. But I won't ask, as men have been this way since forever, it's only women have changed and now we are less likely to settle for any poo that a man has to dish out.

Over the last 3 days I've heard stories upon stories from upset women about their loved one's, is it no wonder that women are turning to other women for comfort?? This is not something I really agree with but each to their own and what you do in your time is your business.

Mr M is behaving himself at the moment and making efforts to stay happy but who knows when his fragile mood will take a turn for the worse and I will be on the top of this list of unhappy relationships.