Sunday, 26 May 2013

Money, money, money

I recently came into a little change, and it seems as quickly as it came it has disappeared.  I spent Saturday with Ish and Izee, just the 3 of us.  Our plan was to head into Croydon at 11.00 a.m. and shop till we drop, purchasing some well over due items.  We did not get to Croydon until after 1p.m. after dropping off Isa cheeky monkey mischief maker to mums.

The kids needed items of clothing and trainers and all in all I spent up to £400 on my Beautiful but ever growing boys!!! As usual I still did not buy anything for myself or Pudge. :(, but it gave me joy to see their faces when I gave them the freedom to choose what they wanted.

My big sis P is back from her hols to Barbados. Saturday evening she came round to show off her tan, fill me in on family drama and give me the lil food goodies she bought me back from Bim (a word Bajan's use for Barbados)  We are now planning a sister holiday to Barbados for summer 2014 and I can't wait!!! Fun in the sun.

My crazy kids idea of smile for the camera!

Well it's Sunday evening now and I'm as chilled as I can be, with the Mischief Maker tucked up in bed and my other two monkeys glued to the box.  Mr M is out doing 'big man tings' and so my house is at ease. 

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Grey Day

What a grey day. What happened to the sun? I know I must suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), as the weather today rather reflects the type of mood I'm in. Even though I think English Autumns are rather beautiful and our Winter's can also look a pretty picture, I do believe I was not made for this type of weather.

Spending the day at home with my pudge(Isa) and my thoughts....

I'm gonna play some feel good music to get me bubbly and show the world "I IS BAJAN!"
and you know what???? As I put on my positive vibe and my bubbly music, the sun's come out to greet me!! Hello Sunshine :)

For those of you that don't know this music, it's called Soca!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


At sticky fingers Gallery this week, the theme is drink. Although, I doooo love me A CUPPA o'tea, today I'm going to talk about my favourite cocktail of all time my 'Virgin Pina Colada'

Picture this....
Setting:    Oceans Eleven- a bar on the coast of Ochie (otherwise known as Ochio Rios), Jamaica.

Weather:  Warm humid evening(slight breeze, as we're on the coast).

Me in a loose, flowing maxi dress all sun kissed and golden, taking a long stroll with my feet in the warm, wet sand.
Breathing in the crisp, clean, air that is Jamaica with the sounds of reggae music favourites like Bob Marley and Beres Hammond playing in the background.
Listening and laughing at the oldies joking and playing ludo, wiff of Jerk Chicken touching my senses every now and again.

As I relax and take it all in, bubbling with vibes and a sense of freedom in my hand I hold an ice cold, smooth, creamy, sweet Virgin Pina Colada.

Everybody needs one of these in their life, trust me it's the best!!

Didn't have a maxi dress on, but that's definitely a virgin pina colada!

The 'High' way

As I've told you previously, lately my mind has been heavily loaded with thoughts of my future and making a better life for me and my family.  So much so that today, not concentrating on the road and letting my mind wonder I almost drove the car into an island in the middle of the road. 
Trust me when I tell you, that the mindless drifting away stops today and my attention will be at its fullest from this day onwards and I will put those particular thoughts to bed when I'm driving, as it has definitely scared the life out of me!!

It would not be anything I haven't heard before, if someone were to tell me that I like things my own way.  BUT.........just because I lose my temper QUITE  quickly, it doesn't mean that the words rolling off my fiery tongue have no relevance to the argument, it just means that I'm emotional and your probably less emotional, lol and although I may like things my way, I would much rather you speak the truth and let me know your true thoughts and feelings because I hate fake!

Maybe my next target in self growth is to curb my hot temper! I suppose I could be a little less hostile at times :D

I don't often open up and let people in, which is part of the reason I started this blog. As a 'get to know the real me' kinda thing.  When I invite a person into my life, most often than not it's for the long run, those people that take advantage of my caring nature will soon find out I will eventually let go of something that is no good for me. 

I believe it's a shame when some people simply pass judgement on others, pretending they are not doing so, whilst taking the moral high ground because the think they're never wrong. What I say to those people is you can "TAKE THE HIGH WAY". In this case as the saying goes 'it's my way or the High way' in my most posh spoilt princess voice : D

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Emotional me

Today I feel like expressing myself and offloading some feelings.
I AM a very emotional person, most people don't really know, and I say this as most people seem to have this completely different idea of me, its quite funny really but when I hear people talk about me its like they think I'm a totally different person, all I can say is that I must be good at hiding my true feelings or maybe my facial expressions don't match what I think.
I tell you this though if I was looking from the outside in, I would think nah this girl is really nuts!!!

Behind closed doors I will cry at any given chance, I cry over songs, movies (and I'm not talking Beaches which I would cry like a baby) I'm talking maid in Manhattan, Big, even comedy's, you name it! It may not be because I'm sad, it could be because I'm so overly HAPPY!

I have a tendency to wear my heart on my sleeve and things people say can cut me sooo deeply, more deeply than I'll ever allow myself to show. It can also be the unsaid that sets me off, when I think you should say something and you don't, my mind will go round in circle's wondering why you didn't say anything!! Lol what can I say, I'm complicated ;)

Alicia Keys- Brand new me.  I feel like Alicia has taken these words right out of my mouth and the feelings I feel straight from my heart when she wrote these lyrics.

During the early years of my marriage with Mr M, I was unable to express or communicate my true feelings. Mr M is a very bold and out spoken character and he always had the upper hand. I can safely say I was very unhappy in the early years. If you ask him directly, this was probably the best part of our marriage(but who knows what he'll tell you).

I feel like I did everything for Mr M, I washed and ironed his clothes, cooked his dinners, learned to cooked the food he liked, made the bed the way he liked, cooked his packed lunches for work, grew the kids the way he wanted me to, cleaned the house to HIS standard, in short every thing was done the way he wanted me to without any of my own real input and without argument. On top of that he was not always a nice person and it was this way for the first 5 years of our marriage.

Anyone reading this can see as I can see clearly now, that I did not recognise my own self worth and lost myself completely in this relationship, or maybe I never really knew my self-worth from the beginning.

Mr M and I split up for a while after the first 5 years of our marriage and in that time, I passed my driving test, got a new hair cut( so clichĂ© I was having a waiting to exhale moment!), got a degree and found MY voice.
I wasn't going to stand for no shit, from any man ever again.  Although I would not recommend doing some of the things I may of done, I will tell anyone who speaks to me or who is reading this, if you're not happy then something has to change, don't stay stagnant!

I am a totally different person in my relationship now. I can't tell you it was for the better in my relationship, as now I may be a handful and not so willing to compromise but it was for the better for ME! I found a brand new me.

I know Mr M will not like this post, but we were young when we started out, and he has now matured and is a much better man.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Happy birthday to ME

Life's full of surprises, I don't think there are many people that can say they've lived their life how they had planned it at a young age.  For instance, I always knew I wanted children I envisioned 4 but I have only had date(and it's such hard work). Well who knows there's some life in the old girl yet! lol.
I also planned to live somewhere hot and sunny but I'm still in good o'England.  Life just doesn't really turn out how you expected it to or how you've dreamt.  I am not disappointed in my life or the decisions I have made, but recently I have started to focus hard on how to improve and better my life and the lives of my babies, whilst also having a whale of a time! Right now it's all about me!

I celebrated my 34th birthday yesterday. I know you guys can't believe it as I still look sooo young (forgive me, I'm on one of those praise yourself, cause no one else is gonna do it days).
Heck I can't believe it! No really, where has the time gone?
I remember being at school like it was just yesterday, only it wasn't :( because yesterday was my 34th birthday and my secondary school days were like over 18 years ago!! boo hoo.

Everyone keeps asking me what are you going to do? or what did you do? Which is a pretty normal question to ask, I don't know about the rest of you but at 34 I can safely say clubbing it down was the last thing on my mind! I had a relaxing morning and lunch with Mr M and Isa, followed by dinner, tea and cakes with mummy dear and the rest of the fam.  T'was a good day :)

If we are blessed enough to grow old that's a good thing right, and I can safely say that my life so far has been good with only a few bad memories, but loads of great one's.
Oh if anyone asks I'm still 30 and will remain so until I start looking 40!!! :-|

"Vex!" I missed my weekly entry at 'The Gallery', this week's topic was new. Never mind I guess, it wasn't meant to be.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Lost voice

Weekend gone was a good one. On Saturday I had a girly night out with my sister Gail and friend Gen. We went to eat at a Brazilian restaurant in Holborn called Guanabara. It was a night to let my hair down and relax with no children or hubby in tow.

Saturday day my voice began to leave me and by Saturday night I was struggling to be heard, but by hook or by crook I was still going lol.
It's not often I get to have some free time to myself without having to rush back. So that's just what I did, I let my hair down and had some fun, with no voice.

Guanabara is a fantastic night out for all types of people, they have live music,

good food

colourful Brazilian dancers and an open dance floor, which it seemed everybody was on at one stage of the night. It's isn't too badly priced either, it's a restaurant so entrance is free and for those who drink alcohol half price happy hour ends at 8.30pm.
All in all it gets a big thumbs up from me and my homies :D and we will be heading back there some time soon. Waiters weren't too bad to look at either! So the girl's tell me ;). Oh and I must mention the toilets were kept clean.

My Saturday was great but it swiftly ended the moment I opened the front door to find the toilet had over flowed......and guess who had to clean it up?

Izee won man of the match again on Sunday, yay!!!!!

(love my original Pudge)

It's Monday evening and my voice still hasn't come back to me!!!! I need my voice. :(
Today was a productive day, Isa behaved him self and pretty much let me do some work. 

Ish forgot to pick up his little bro from school and reached home about the time Izee was suppose to be picked up from school, Lucky I swang by Isaaq's school on my way home from Mum's.

At the moment Ish is trying my patience with school. Late mornings and missed homework is all I'm going to say for today.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Cheerful complaints

Where shall I start......

The Biatch is back(pardon my French)! Only those who suffer from hayfever can understand the plight she puts me through every year, this year she has come back with vengeance! Itchy eyes, blocked sinus, runny nose, headache, constant sneezing and the list goes on. I only hope the new medication I'm taking helps me get through it with a lil more ease than last summer.

I adore British summertime at its best, the long warm days, family picnic's and visits to the beautiful
English countryside and parks. I'm loving life at the moment, especially with the fantastic weather we've been having. Right now I'm just dreaming about this summer, and how to jam pack as much as possible into the months ahead.

So if anybody has any ideas of great places to visit or fun things to do, I would be grateful for the info :)

Isa is now stringing a few more words together, Mr M and MummaG think this is due to the fact he has just sprouted around 8 teeth in one go, poor thing!  Whatever it is, I'm loving the fact that he is communicating with me and can express himself without frustration.

Children grow so quickly, before you look around their childhood is ending. So I am trying to focus on what's important and to slow down and appreciate every moment God blesses me with them. We often lose sight of some of the important stuff when dealing with what life throw's at us on a daily basis.
Love my munchkins to bits(even though they drive me nuts! lol).

On a different note, I could sware my kids are eating their socks!! My children always seem to have a drawer full of single, unpaired socks. You probably think I'm mad. It seems, no matter how many pairs of socks I buy them at the end of the week when the washing has been done, their drawers remains the same, full of odd socks!!!  Silly thing to blog about but I wanted to know if anyone else experiences this?

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Mumma's weekend

This is my second week joining in with The Gallery and this weeks topic is the weekend.

As of late,  at weekends I have been rushed off my feet so I'm going to paint you a metaphorical picture of a good weekend and Its begins with me waking up to an empty bed all to myself, the aroma of a home cooked breakfast, possibly a fry up being served to me in bed with a nice hot beverage of my choice.  Mr M can take care of the house work, the cooking, the washing and the ironing....the list runs a mile long

Mmmm now lets see, what's next....Then Mr M can take the kids out for a while so I can get some ME time!

I would have a lovely hot PEACEFUL bath(peaceful meaning no barge-ins, crying or calling out for mumma).... Then a relaxing night in, watching Disney movies and eating pop corn with the fam...then maybe a game of Scattergories.

Saturday we can do it all over again, with the night ending in me and my girlies going out for dinns at the Brazilian restaurant we are headed to this coming Saturday :) I'll tell you more about that later.

Short and sweet post, sounds like a pretty great weekend to me

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A message for Ish

Mummy see's you Ish

Everyday you grow more handsome and you change a little for the better I hope,
I watch you with worry and dream about you growing into a man of worth;
Life should be full of fun Ish, the good kind;
Your infectious smile spread it along with your kindness;
There aint no rude boy round here Ish;
Jeans below your waste, hat backwards, funky walk;
You aint got nuttin hiding in your socks boy, u better aint;
I need you to succeed in life and the hereafter;
Be honest, true to yourself, and to me and your father;
Know what you want in life and make it good and go after;
Because Ish you're the primary model and example to your brother.

Pull the weed

Why is it most men have no patience?

Today Mr M asked the kids to pull the weeds and tidy up the garden as on Saturday they hadn't quite finished before we had to rush off to dance club.  I have no problem with this at all, I feel that it is necessary to teach children to look after themselves in life by doing such chores. 

My Mother however did not teach me these things at home. So while friends had responsibilities at home, I had none and was able to play the day away. As far a chores went, it wasn't until I was about 14 that I started to iron my own clothes, wash up and vacuum every now and again. Although my mother is fantastic by not making me do these things she made it extremely hard for me when moving out. I had to learn how to run a household on my own.  In short I was thrown in the deep end!

Needless to say Mr M has issues with me not teaching our kids the tools they need to survive life on their own and today he displayed his annoyance. It started with me and why the job he asked the kids to do was not well done, then went on to him doing an erratic display of how to sweep the
garden, and ended in us both red faced and not speaking.

It takes patience and communication to teach our children how to do things.  Maybe we could both use a lesson in that.....Mr M more so :)

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Mother say's

For as long as I can remember, my Mother has always told me what I must and mustn't do.  I guess this is something all Mothers must do in order for you to grow up a half decent human being with at least a few morals.

My Mother has been on my case as long as I recall with questions such as "what are you going to do with your life Kim?" You should do this course or why don't you do this or that or THAT!
Nowadays she's not nearly as bad.

Now I feel that through past and present life experience I am able to answer those questions with ease. It is very difficult for some of us to know exactly what occupation we want in life and on top of that what we want from life. It took me until I was 30 something years old to find out exactly what field I want to work and that I also want to be happy and feel passionate about what I do in life and business.

I am now working for myself for a cause I believe in, and although the money is not flowing freely into my pockets, I am excited about all the new opportunities which have arisen.

I have also found a new side love in blogging! :)

Saturday madness

Yesterday was a action packed and fun filled day so I didn't get to make a post :(

Croydon was my first port of call. I went to the bank, threaded my eyebrows, bought my niece a present and myself some face cream, and was back home by 10.15a.m.

The kids started their new dance club yesterday, which they thoroughly enjoyed. On the way there my phone decided it wasn't going to work, therefore no GPS and no directions, making them 20 minutes late. My fault completely I should have looked at the directions before I left the house. Naughty mummy!

Its funny we rely on these Gadgets and Gizmos so much to live what is seemly suppose to be a normal life and without them we forget how to function or even worse we almost can't function.  Even Isa and my nephew Daniel have a loving relationship with the Ipad and have mentioned the word 'Ipad' 10x already this morning(have to keep an eye, don't want it to turn into an addiction).

Yesterday our team went to the Idea's fair run by ABCD in Thornton Heath, although I didn't really expect to enjoy it I had a surprising good time talking and networking. We got some great ideas from it as well as, a free table at an up and coming event and possible funding for WKYW!  WKYW is a newly set up business run by my sister Gail, Genevieve and I (if you want to know more visit our page).  The afternoon consist of talks, food and sharing ideas, there were 5 different tables where you could sit and discuss the table topics which off the top of my head were Change the world, Security, Sharing skills, Community and Identity.
It was a good event hope to attend more.

Later was dinner at Pizza Hut with Thian and family for T's birthday celebrations, which was a blast but by this time sleep was catching up with me.

Mr M is on a road trip to Birmingham this weekend, so I invited my sister and her offspring to stay. Yay SLEEPOVER!!! The night was filled with babies fighting over toys, the eldest two Tianna and Ish debating/arguing if One Direction(Tianna's fav) is better than Mindless Behavior(Ish's fav) and Izee just making noise and then falling asleep on his bed. My sister and I was sooo knackered we too conked out at approx 12......ish Exhausted.

Friday, 3 May 2013


Dropped Izee to school at approx 9.04 this morning!!! The school bell rings at 8.55 by the way.
Why is it when you're running late every traffic light seems to be RED or on the verge of red? 

Well this morning was no different every single traffic light from the moment I left my house until I reached the school gates were red.....and to top it off there was some real 'IDIOTS!' on the road!! Either that or because I was running late I failed to see reason to what is usually classed as normal driving or to have a rational response lol. 
So as you can imagine it was quite a stressful start to the day, but it did blossom into both a productive and pretty much easy going sort of day.

I love my family to bits and enjoy spending time with my sisters, today I spent yet another day with my lil sister Gail and our friend(her besty) Gen.

The next few things I'm gonna tell you may bore the hell out of you but I love talking about my family and what they mean to me.

My relationships with my sisters have changed a lot over recent years, I guess you could say it has evolved, mostly due to the maturing and understanding of myself.
I have 3 sisters whom all have different traits and personalities. The eldest Patina is reliable and hard-working, she is a successful career women and a mother of 3. Patina makes time for her kids doing the activities they love. It's super hard to juggle work and family but she does a wonderful job. I have the most respect for her.  Plus she makes time for the rest of us, she is very organised like that...this women makes an itinerary for our family holidays and rotas in our rest days!!!!

 Julia is the next in line of my sisters, she is just as hard-working and at work she's the perfect manager.  At home Julia is a work in progress she is always late, and a combination of disorganisation and confusion rolled into one. But Julie is also extremely loving and caring and will give up her last breath for her daughter and the rest of us whilst spending all her money to keep us happy and comfortable. For got to mention that Julia is loads of fun and I see alot of her in myself

Last but not least Gailann aka MummaG this one is full of surprises, she is extremely clever sometimes too smart for her own good. Gail loves to be the student and has completed and assortment of courses which means she is qualified in a few different careers.  As long as I can remember she has had her nose in a book, both novel and text!  Like Patina, Gail is a master of time keeping, she is organised and unorganised at the same time. She never fails to surprise me and is the most resilient person I have come across. Although she is the youngest she inspires me a great deal.

I am extremely proud of all my sisters and in some ways wish I could be more like all of them.

Oh by the way I came back to find Mr M in the back garden...Mowing the lawn. Thumbs up to Mr M!! For those who know him they know this took quite a bit of effort and the outcome was a grand achievement for him (not to mention it being a yearly affair).  And for the those of you that don't know him yet you will get to know! :D

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Infection and itchy feet.

Since I was around 9 years old I have been infected with what is known as the travel bug! I love to travel and by being blessed with parents from two different sides of the world I was able to travel often to visit family.
We conquered countries from Malaysia where my mother was born, as well as the neighbouring Thailand, Singapore and a long list of other countries all over the globe.
So here I am writing this post on this beautiful sunny day with the itchiest of feet planning my next travel adventure. Should it be the beautiful sunny beaches of Jamaica or even the concrete jungle that is New York????  Where ever it is, I wanna go and go now! I need a holiday!!

Mr M took me and Isa out and about with him today or "rolling" as he so poetically calls it, basically we went out in the car. We had lunch at an Algerian cafĂ© called Casbah, it was good grub.
Isa was his usual moody self as he is STILL teething :(  Is teething really suppose to last this longggg?!!

I have to give him credit though as it was nap time and he didn't scream the place down as he would do on any other given day.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Self portrait

My children are my life and I tell myself everyday how truly blessed I am.
In my first two posts I seldom mention my eldest Ismail or Ish as we call him.  Ish has been unwell over the past 2 days with a cough and cold. Since Ish was a baby he's suffered with asthma and we have flown him in and out of hospital more times than I can remember.

Today he seemed a little better so we decided to go venture out to visit my sister. 
Ish is the calmest of my children, his passion is dancing alongside trying new dishes and has a very exotic palate, he loves to laugh, talk, ask questions and is a joy to be around.

When arriving at my sisters she was in the middle of posting her latest blog she began to tell me about a blog page called 'Sticky fingers' and was about to post her self portrait which was a theme for the gallery this week on the sticky finger's blog page.

I have never liked taking pictures of myself and especially up close but lately I have been thinking God forbid anything was to happen to me 'Les Enfants' would have nothing to remember me by and so now I am making and effort to take as many photos as I can of me and of us together.

I decided after reading what 'The Gallery' was all about I am going to join in the fun.
So here goes!!

No make up no retakes just me :)