Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Making memories

There aren't enough hours in the day!
I want to do so many things, but always run out of time to get them done.  Sometimes my list of things to do seem never ending. Whether it be spending time with the kids, family, doing the house work, cooking, studying, work, programmes I want to catch up on; shopping, reading, meeting up with the girls, or having a little bit of me time.
Whatever it is, I don't seem able to fit it all in, or spend the quality time I want on them without compromising on quality or effort.
I'm exhausted just thinking about them and find it hard to establish a balance without spreading myself too thin.

I look at other blogs in awe and envy at how the author was able to do all these wonderful things that I was unable to in such limited time, and to top it off blog about it. To me their achievements are truly amazing. Maybe I'm juggling too many balls :-)

This week Izee and I did manage to do some baking, while pickle did plenty of eating.

Baking carrot cupcakes with butter & cream cheese icing... Yum!!

Summer holidays are quickly approaching and me and my Monsters are off to Barbados for our family hols. Where hopefully I will get the time to read, shop, watch programmes, go swimming, dancing, SLEEP and so much more! Making memories with my boys :-)

Pickle had his first big fall on Sunday, cuts and grazes on both hands *sad face*. We had plenty of huggles.

Izee had an extremely excellent school report. I'm glad to say he is over achieving in all subjects, making me a very proud Mama!