Sunday, 20 July 2014

Advice needed!

This is my pre-teen, he is soon to be 13 years old and is beautiful on both the inside and out.  To me my little growing man is absolutely, without a doubt, drop dead gorgeous.

I don't know whether it's a stage he is going through or whether it's something that we have done to him as parents, but he lacks in confidence.

This year he refused to take part in the Academy's sports day, his excuse was "there are too many schools there, the stadium is too big!". This might seem like a case of nerves but recently I've heard him saying a few different things which has lead me to my train of thought.

Whenever Mr M and I visit the Academy we notice all the cute girls cut through crowds just to walk right in front of him in a bid to gain his attention, whispering "Hi Ish" with the biggest of smiles. This completely goes over his head and no matter what I say to him, he still hasn't got much confidence.

It makes me sad. I wonder to myself what has made him this way. Is it something I've said to him or done? Is it inherited, a learned behaviour? I know I haven't always been the most confident.

What can I do? Who else has experienced this with their 12/13 year old?

I love this picture, it seems he doesn't like me taking photo's of him anymore. It's one of few that you'll get to see a real smile.