Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Mama's Little Pumpkin

It doesn't seem that long ago when it was just me and Ish. My Ish, mamas little angel & my best friend(yeah I know, a lot of responsibility for a kid). My well behaved little pumpkin who loved nothing more than to give mummy cuddles and spend his time singing, laughing and joking with mummy.


Gone are the days I read him bedtime stories like 'a Squash & a Squeeze' or one of Thomas the tank engines great adventures, tucked him into bed and sang 'My House has A Baby Wee(A Chinese lullaby sung in English, taught to me by my mum) to ease him to sleep, while he would utter a sleepy "ni-night mummy, I love you" before his head lightly hit the pillow and he was out for the count.

A couple weeks back my now pre-teen, lost his very last baby tooth *quietly sobs*. Well it was a huge deal to me. He handed me his tooth nonchalantly, as opposed to putting it under his pillow. In a bid to get some money out of me I suppose, and gave me a look to say 'lets cut out all the pleasantries mum, we both know tooth fairies don't exist'. The same look I'd probably give my mum at his age. 

Ish has grown up so much, he's changing everyday and although I love the person/man he is becoming, I miss the days when he was my little pumpkin.

Minutes, days, weeks just whizz past us with no way of getting em back. We turn our heads and it's Summer, we look the other way and it's Christmas and before we know it, BAM!!! Another year has passed and we are another year older.

We must remember to enjoy the moments, spend time with the ones we hold dear and show them how much we love & appreciate them. It can be easier said than done, especially as we live in an age where mountains of entertainment are at our feet for the taking, stealing our time and attention from the things that are truly important.

So I have taken a vow to make time (not literally, obvs!) put down my remote, turn off the TV, switch off my phone, tablet, laptop whatever and just take the time to spend with the ones I love. As tomorrow isn't promised!

This is the my preteen prince today. Although he keeps on growing older everyday, he is still Mama's lil pumpkin :-)