Sunday, 18 May 2014

Monday Melodies #12

Friday just gone was my birthday, I won't bother highlighting which one, as from 30 onwards I stopped counting! Nowadays I tend to count my blessings instead of my years. So when the usual question of "what you doing for your birthday?" came up, I gave my usual response "Erm, I dunno, not much, probably just have the family round".

But.....I have to say this year was made extra special for me. I enjoyed it from start to finish. Thanks to a special someone my whole weekend was enjoyable, stress free and full of surprises. Thank you my Darlin! ;) xx

There isn't much in the way of birthday songs that I would choose for my Monday Melody, nor will I subject you to a 4-5min YouTube Happy Birthday vid! So, I will leave you with this beautiful song by Miss Estefan, which I've had on replay in my head since hearing it on Facebook early last week.

It's literally been years since I heard it last! Definitely reminds me of my childhood.....and my age lol.

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