Sunday, 27 April 2014

Monday Melodies #11

Isn't it incredible how much thing's change from generation to generation. These last 2 decades has seen a huge growth in technology and in the way we communicate with each other.
Some of the changes I've witnessed:
Telephones (house phones with the spiral wires) - cordless - brick sized mobile phones - basic mobiles - BBM's- 3G mobiles with laptop capabilities.
Beta max - vcrs 
Floppy disks - portable USB's
Box tv's -plasma-LED/3D/Smart Tv's
Cable TV- satellite- skyDigital
Letters-emails-instant messaging-Facebook, Twitter, Skype etc etc need I go on?
I mean these are just a few! 

The Spark that initiated my train of thought was a conversation that Mr M and I had a few weeks ago, about 'back in the days'.  When guys wouldn't leave their house with out a pen & a little black book, to write down a girl's home phone number. Reminiscing not so old times gave me the giggles.
Now fast forward to the present day, Ish on his Apple IPhone, bbm-ing, whats-apping and face timing at the speed of light! To his "friend...who happens to be a girl" who has left his school because their family up and moved to Brighton.  Thinking of the difference in communication made me take a to step back and say wow!

So with all this fantastic technology my 2 year old has made his very own music video using this wonderful little app called Video star, which was introduced to him by his cousin. This is my Monday Melody :)

Please join in with your weeks favourite or most heartfelt Melody :)