Saturday, 19 April 2014

Fast Forward to April 19th

Hi guys,
Glad to be writing again, happy, grateful and hungry for more of what life has to offer.

I'm going to try to update you on my life with my mini Myries, by summing up the last 4 months of our life without pictures. Not only did my laptop break but my Samsung S3 is not working to it's maximum capability.  Unfortunately it is my only working camera, as I'm not rich enough to have a DSLR for the moment! 
My phone is almost useless, the battery is always dead despite having bought a new one with charger. I literally get approx 20mins usage from it at one time before having to charge it for another 3 hours!! Thank God my upgrades due in a month or two!

Let's not mention my laptop, which I am currently using to type this post. Ask me if it's playing up?.....YES......AGAIN!!! I only just got it back for f$*k flip sake!! Thus meaning the whole rigmarole of checking it in to Curry's/PcWorld's crap 'Know How' clinic ASAP and waiting 100 years to get it back! On the bright side, I do have a lovely new gadget in the form of an Ipad Air "hooray!".

This year I've hit the ground running, so juggling family life and business over the next few is going to be a massive task, but definitely worth the struggle. I'm going back to uni to study "guess what?.......Nursing!!" Go me (little celebratory dance around my living room)!!!

Pickle is doing well at nursery, he is still extremely excitable and as full of life as ever. He loves reading, fighting, jumping, screaming and everything that goes under the proverbial umbrella of terrible two's. I don't even know if that makes sense, but hey I like the word :D

Izee is working & playing hard in school and on the football pitch, he is wonderfully gifted, smart & extremely handsome like his Papa. He makes me proud to be his mama everyday.

The pre-teen Ish is going through the motions. At the age when life changes a great deal, he continues to surprise me everyday. His humour, empathy, knowledge and ideas are a breath of fresh air and a blessing, he is growing up to be quite the responsible man. Which I must remember to tell him, as lately I've had to have a few words too many about an array of things.

As a family we have completely changed our diet. Mainly fish, fruit & veg, an there is absolutely no red meat in our household at all! I've always been partial to a bit of oxtail :( but it's all for the best!

Totally unrelated topic
Best film I've watched this year: 2 Guns with the delicious Denzel Washington and the not so bad Mark Wahlberg.
Top of my charts for the worst song ever made: Jennifer Lopez I Luh Ya Papi, if you haven't heard it then don't bother! You'd wish you hadn't LOL.