Monday, 4 November 2013

Monday Melodies #7

Living with Mr M & Les Enfants
I was going to give Monday Melodies a rest this week and give my blog some much needed love, but I've decided I can do a bit of both.

This half term has been wonderful, me and the kids have had such a fantastic time and I only hope the memory of it stays with them. Usually it's Mr M that gets to play PS3 with them, roll around the floor with them and do all the fun things, while I have to take care of business, running the house, dinners etc. This week I decided we were going to have real time together to talk, laugh and have lots of fun.

So this is what we got up to, in no particular order:
  • Went to the movies
  • Visited Crystal Palace Park Farm with my Big sis and niece, I'd like to say fed the ducks but although they got a slight look in, the greedy Seagulls and Geese stole most of our bread.
  •  Baking cranberry, macadamia & white choc chip cookies with the kids, which were delish! 
  • A family day out with my sister, niece & nephew, which consists of a visit to the Tate Modern, getting a bit lost, packed lunch on a bench with a river view, coffee and frappachino's at Starbucks, being chased by some vampire bloke with a red and black laced bra, dinner at Garfunkel's Piccadilly, a quick tour around M&M world, with plenty of photo taking and a Haagen-Dazs to go! Arriving home just before the 176 bus turned back into a pumpkin, happy but thoroughly exhausted! 
  • A much loved visit to Grannies
  • A farewell dinner for Granddad as he is flying home to Barbados for the winter.
There is really so many incredibly fun things to do and see in London, and we are truly blessed as lot of them are free. The main destination for our family day out was to visit the British Museum, but unfortunately we did not get there before closing time, so that will be an outing for another time. The whole day we just went with the flow, with no time limits and had plenty of fun and laughter.

(will put some pics up in a bit)

Today so far I've done a little cleaning and now I'm chilling like a villain with Izee & Pickle.
Izee has an Inset day so we are playing 'Who wants to be Millionaire on the Kindle'.
I have the heating on full blast, As the house was well below my comfort temp this morning, even though the winter has been kind so far. I'm so not one of those people who are mean to themselves in the winter due to our ever increasing gas bills!! Don't worry I know I'll pay for it when I see the bill, but for now imma be happy and hot, hot, hot. Which brings me to my choice for Monday Melodies!

Don't forget the linky is now open all week, so if you find yourself, having a Tuesday Choon,  Slow-jam Saturday, Soulful Sunday or so on then just join in :-) xx