Friday, 4 October 2013

Reading, thinking and more reading

I have not joined in with any linky's this week, even though I have had the intention to. I have read thousands of blogs though, my eyes can attest to that. I must admit until I watched the movie Julie and Julia I didn't even know what a blog was *embarrassedface*. 

So anyway, since I started blogging in April I have slowly but surely been introduced to some really fantastic blogs and the thing is, I seem to love almost all the blogs that I've read.....I did say ALMOST!! An even if I don't relate to a blog, I enjoy the honesty of a persons thoughts and the way in which they express it, I find it very alluring.
I get to know the individual without them knowledge and share some of their memories. Erm a bit sad, I know.

This week I have been over loaded with thoughts of What I want for the kids(future, clothes, opening new bank accounts etc etc) holiday's, looking for a job, money matters and thanks to some funny posts (close your eyes mum and kids)S.E.X.!!

Bogetti or Pickle as I've taken to calling him lately has had a few tantrums this week.  As I left my sisters house on Sunday he decided to cry and scream the whole way home. I pulled up to my house with my heart pounding, hands shaking and all sweaty(the effects of his tantrums) I asked him frantically for the last time "what's wrong?" and he answered " I want to go back!" I kissed my teeth took him into the house and put him to bed, relieved he was not in any pain! He preceded to cry himself to sleep that night. Since then he has been on a rollercoaster of emotions.

Here's a pic he took of himself with my phone, with which I was going to use to join in with The Gallery this week, but never got round to it.

Izee and Ish have had a few late nights this week as I had promised them they could watch The Sound Of Music with Mama :-) they had not yet seen it. Well, of course they loved it, just as my siblings and I did at that age. Occasionally I heard them saying "oh this is where this song is from" but I was much too busy singing to answer.

Two watching the Sound Of Music and the 3rd knocked out!

Oh nearly forgot to mention...I think I have a crush on Daddy Pig. He's just too lush, he's always willing to help, bathes the kids, stays calm in all situations, loves his food and last but not least, he loves jumping up & down in big muddy puddles! ;-) Gets my vote everytime! #peppapig #teamdaddypig

Seem to be an anaemic suffering from insomnia, talking gibberish.  Time for me to go to bed as I'm officially talking rubbish.

Blogs I've really enjoyed reading this week are from @dadcalledspen and @kiranchug

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