Sunday, 1 September 2013

The prodigal son returns

Yesterday I opened a face book page for my blog and on setting up my page it had asked me to choose from my friends list who I want to invite to like my new page, after ticking away for a bit I had the sudden realisation that all these people were probably actually gonna take a peek at my blog (#bb embarrassed face) at times I can be a bit jump now, think later!!
Panic set in....what might people think of my inner most thoughts and my crazy decision making.... e.g. my uncles and aunts, but then I thought to myself fuck it!! I'm a big 34 year old women :D who runs my own house, pays my own bills and no one walks in my shoes but me.
Writing this blog meant I was going to bare my airs and graces to all, it was a tough decision for me and was not taken lightly. If you asked my sis Gail aka MummaG how many times I was suppose to start my blog and didn't, she would probably giggle. 
All round I think I'm quite a open book, some things I'd rather not say to you for your own sake more than mine, through fear of embarrassing you or hurting your feelings. Though in my crazy mind I don't always like to hear the truth coming from other peoples mouths especially when it comes to me and my family. 
I think everyone should be an open book though, there would be a lot less confusion in the world, but almost everyone gives you a version of themselves instead of letting you know the real them. I won't name any names because the list is far too long but you know who you are...yes you!! Just joking!! Or am I? lol :D

All of my children love to go out, on road or street as we call it in my house. Izee will be the first to want to go out in the day as he is the most active, with Isa not far behind with his"shoes mum, I want to go road!". Ish however, loves to sleep out and is forever asking 'mum can I sleep at blah blah's house!?' so Saturday he was in his element when I answered "yes Ish, you can sleep at Addonis's house"; so he had a shower, rushed his dinner and packed a bag as if he was leaving me for a week. He said a faint "bye mum" and almost shut the door before I screamed "Ismail, do you think you're a big man and can leave this house without saying goodbye properly??" he returned gave me a peck on the cheek and said "No mum, bye" and he was gone, without so much as even a phone call to say goodnight :(.  Guess he's growing up and doesn't need me so much anymore.
Today he returned home, late as usual and of course oblivious to the fact that we missed him so much. As he walked in, I heard his Father say to him "oh the prodigal son returns", he looked up and smiled, which made me smile.

*Sorry for the swearing Mum x