Friday, 13 September 2013

Sleigh bells ring

Autumn or fall as some call it is undeniably here!! I feel a chill in my spine when I wake up in the morning and look outside my slightly misted window. I see Autumn as practically WINTER in disguise lol because I hate the cold.  The only difference is the beautiful auburn leaves that surround us........ok maybe it's a lil touch warmer than it will be in the next few months.

This time of year is actually one of my fav's, that is once you got re-accustomed to the darker days and the steady decline in temperature.  The best for me is waking up in your warm house, glaring through the window with a coffee, tea or hot choccy(depending on your mood) in your hand whilst you watch the rain softly pitter patter against your window and follow the rain drops run down the glass and sort of day dream through the list of a 100 things you've actually got to do that day.

Today Bogetti has started the day with a bang, like every other day I suppose. So far he has demanded his usual "Milk", woke everybody up in the house, sat on a few faces, licked a few arms(don't ask) and wrecked the house. Within minutes he can turn what looks likes a model room at the ideal home exhibition to a disaster zone area.

But how could you stay angry with this little mischief maker?

Even while I'm writing this post he is bouncing all over me demanding full attention and rightly so.

I love the holiday season and Christmas is just around the corner, I say this because every year we feel its so far away and by the time we look around it's staring us right in the face. That and the fact they have started with the Christmas adverts and are stocking the shelves with all things xmas already.

I am not a Christian so I don't celebrate it, but there is definitely a charm to this time of the year, for me it is the fact that they put so much effort into making it magical, people make are in better moods, there is plenty of family time, home baked goods, home cooking, FOOD, FOOD and more FOOD, brilliant movies on the box and so much more. Your probably thinking this mad girl is thinking about xmas already, well not really but...... yes I am looking forward to the season of good will, that and stuffing my face with all the home cooked goods there are to offer :D

Can you tell I like food?