Monday, 9 September 2013

I can see through the rain.

Today is one of those days like many of recent, where I get up and feel like I have to apply my smile before I brave the world or show my face to even my kids.  A bit like how some women have to put on make-up before being seen. For me, my smile is my make-up.

A few old songs just popped into my head.

I went to an event on Saturday with our WKYW team, called I-inspire. From this event I took away with me a few things.

  1. Recognition that I am going through a `transition`
  2. You can have a few of these in life
  3. Don't give up on yourself or your goals to please others.
  4. Last but not least, everyone has their own problems and you`re kinda on your own.  So have a good relationship with God. (May not apply to all, but it applies to me)
It's obvious to me that this `transition` is not uncommon and at some point in a person's life they will transition and come out a different, newer version of themselves at the other end of the process. It can be a good or bad outcome. Some of us get spat out at the other end if we weren't strong enough to endure the process.

If you haven't gathered by now a `transition` (interpreted by Yvonne @ I-inspire) is a process we all go through at some point or another which changes us forever, however big or small a change.

What scares me the most is that I know I'm in unknown territory and I am alone in my journey and I've never really had to deal with or go through anything on my own before.

Although many have been through a similar journey, everyone's circumstances are different and when your going through it, your doing it alone so it's a very individual experience.

I know I need to go through this and things need to change for me, unfortunately things will change for my family too, but I have faith it's for the better!