Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Go to bed, my sleepy head

Bogetti has had a rollercoaster of emotions today. This afternoon he decided he was going to scream and cry the house down when it came time for me to cook dinner. He refused to play with either one of his brothers and got himself worked up to the point of exhaustion. Needless to say I had to delay cooking dinner. So I picked him up, gave him a long cuddle and asked him what was wrong, to which he gave me a dirty look, nor did he reply. 

He is definitely going through something at the moment because he's sleeping quite a bit, I've done all the usual checks so it's nothing too serious...maybe it's just teething :(
After the tears stopped I put him down and about 5 minutes later I heard him rolling on the floor, dancing and laughing his head off to the sound of the gummy bear singing gangnam style on the kindle fire HD.

Bed times in my house are no longer routine as they once were, before 'The Boss' aka Isa was born. I would put Ish and Izee in the bath together, they would scream "mum, can I come out now" and I would take them out the bath and shoo them off to cream and dress, then tuck them in and read a bed time story. The whole process would be done by 8pm, because that's when 'ME' time begins, and if they weren't down by 8pm I might just turn into a monster!

Isa's bedtime is 7.30/8pm, Izee bedtime is 8pm and Ish 9pm.
Does it work out like that? The answer is.......NO! Bogetti, unlike other 2 year olds is still in my bed. He will not be left alone, so there is no kissing of the cheeks, saying goodnight and leaving him. Lil man wants to play, sing, jump, bite mummy, fight mummy, play with my chest, skin, face. You name it, anything but sleep. Meanwhile Izee will not go in the bath until I chase him in and send him off to bed and Ish pretty much does the same.

Tonight was slightly different as Isa didn't roll around, try to lick me or do anything else crazybabyish, he lay next to me and we both listened to our usual bed time song Sleepy head by Nat King Cole which we had on repeat. This time he decided he would also sing, which I thoroughly enjoyed and anything beats singing twinkle twinkle little star like a 100X before Mister actually nods off to dreamland. Izee still had to be told to get into the bath and bed, he did so with no argument.

My kids are all in blissful sleep. They all sleep extremely badly by the way, sleep talk and everything lol!


I actually first heard this song on cbeebies and fell in love with it, if you haven't heard it yet I know you will love it just as much as we do.