Monday, 16 September 2013

Fab Fave phrases

This week Mr Bogetti Isa Spagetti's favourite sayings are:

Er it's disgusting!

Leave him, he's just a baby!

& I like it!

It's so bloody funny when your just turned 2 year old comes out with these new phrases. What's even more funny is the weird faces he pulls alongside the high pitched way he says them.

I'm loving the progress he's making, seems like I'm starting all over again though, as there is a 7yr age gap between Bogetti and Izee.  I can't remember much of Ish and Izee's baby days to be honest.  Does that make me a bad mum? Probably, but there's not much I can do there. My memory is poo when it comes to anything past last week.
Hope that's not early dementia....always worry about that.

Today I have not one but two malingering sick children, both of which are vegged out in front of the telly demanding all kinds of food.  I'm sure my kids think mummy's an ediyat. I allow them to get away with it today because I'm never really a 100% sure with my two. One of them has got to be a Hollywood A lister with these acting skills.  On the reals though, come on boy's where's the work ethic!!

Bogetti is terrorising them LOL, so I think they will probably want to go back to school tomoz.  Love him to bits, just walked upstairs and he's singing his heart out "n'umba jacks are on their wayyyy!".