Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A note to my friend

This is a note to my friend.
Read these words and please take them in.

You ARE beautiful, both inside and out!
You ARE intelligent.
You DO DESERVE love.
You ARE worthy.
You are NOT sick or mad.
You did NOT do anything wrong.
You CANNOT be replaced!
You are NOT weak.
You CAN love someone new if you open you're very broken heart!
You have NOT lost everything, but you MUST let GO!
You CAN be happy.

I don't have the answer's you need,
I don't know how this story will end, all I know is, it's not your concern what other's think,
YOU are your concern.

What happened to your dreams? Your happiness?

Since 2008 you've been crying. Been feeling sad, lost and hurt. You haven't thought about YOUR health, YOUR happiness. Concerned with another selfish human being and lost track of your self-worth.

You've been through so much, you really have. What does it take? The mental, the physical , the fear, the loss, loss of the worst kind.
When is enough, enough?

I know you're sad right now, I know you think you don't have anyone. I know I can't feel what you feel or walk in your shoes, nobody can, but know that I'm here.

Listen to me when I tell you, you will without a doubt, undeniably know love when it hits you.
Stop asking yourself the same questions over again, madding yourself. Deep down you knew he wasn't right.
Your situation won't change until you choose to change it! You've been here too long girl.
Start living again. You have life, so live it.  Be STRONG like I know you can.

I hope these words aren't too hard for you to hear.
I hope you realise I say them for love and not to hurt you.