Thursday, 29 August 2013

Girl in the green dress

Yesterday my friend Jazz decided today was the day that she was going to take photo's for her portfolio as she is a make-up artist, and guess who was the model? Yep you guessed it, ME!
The previous night she told me "Kimmi get your glad rags, your foundation and your heels and I am going to do your make-up!"  Bare in mind that I am at least 4 years older than Jazz or Jazzy Fizzle as I like to call her, this girl always wants to dress me up like a dolly as if I was the little sister she never had.  I didn't really mind to be honest, and was glad to help her and her growing career as a business owner and entrepreneur in the world of fashion.

So yesterday morning Isa and I met Jazzy at Anerley train station and we headed for mum's to start my dress up session. It really is nice to dress up and have no where to go sometimes, just to look nice and feel good about yourself.
On arrival at mums, I gave Isa his lunch put him down for a nap and J.Fizzle began her magic!

Mr M took the oldest two out to the arcades and then Cosmo's for dinner, and when Mr Bogetti finally woke up, he was in a good mood therefore making it a stress-free environment!

Jazz is a brilliant make-up artist and takes the time to get to know her models likes and dislikes, whilst adding her own twist to it. Jazz will advise you on the colours that best suits you as the individual and also great advice on how you can compliment your features. As with most people I can be quite particular in the look I am going for.

I can lack self-confidence at times and when it was time to take the photo's I suddenly got very self-conscious and silly, but we had fun with it!

Here are a small selection of the photo's

I must say after much deliberation I still feel red lipstick is not the one Jazzy, sorry no convert's here lol x

Next time I think I need a couple of tequila's before we start the foto shoot!!!........Just joking ;)