Wednesday, 28 August 2013

100 birthday's, a little bit of this and a little bit of that!

OMG I've stopped blogging, I've stopped reading!!! It's been over a month since the last time I wrote a post on my blog.  I just seem to be busy, busy, busy as a bee.  I have tried to write a post on numerous occasions, but as soon as I start, either Isa is crying, causing trouble, doing something 2 year olds just shouldn't be doing, or my other two are trying to kill each other.

The School shopping has been done, summer hols are almost finished, and over the last few weeks I have celebrated what seems like a 100 birthday's.  Mum's, Ish's and my nephew Dan's birthday were all on the 5th of August and Isa's was 2 on the 12th of August, my Brother Danny's birthday was a few days ago on the 25th, my bestie Vanessa's birthday was yesterday and I've still got a few more to go!

We had a Barbeque for both Ismail and Isa on Sunday 11th August, and celebrated with all those close to us, par a small few. The day went from a formal cutting of the cake and a small family dinner and turned into a small bashment (Jamaican word for dance/party), well almost taking into consideration my nephew Triston forgot the connections for the music and my Dad and Bro-in-law Gavin decided they would like to switch what little music we did have off to watch Usain Bolt WIN his race (as everyone knew he would!)

My baby Ish is not a baby anymore, he is 12 years old and growing into a wonderful man who I am extremely proud of. Although he has started his pre-teen tantrums and his attitude gives a lot to be desired at times, he is still a joy to be around and is full of inspiring ideas and intellectual conversations.
Mr Bogetti-Isa spaghetti as we call him is now 2 years old, he totally looks like he is 3 years old and so often I hear a "omg he's only 2!!" as he is quite tall for his age and has a tendency to do things which are far beyond his years(breakdancing, climbing up slides as opposed to sliding down, climbing up kitchen counters helping himself to cakes, biscuits etc and being tall enough to open front doors to name a few!). This child is my most energetic, stubborn, and troublesome yet but still I find him just as adorable as the other two. As I guess any mother would.

Bank holiday weekend gone I went to Blackpool with my bestie V.  This girly weekend away was in celebration of her birthday.  We stayed at the Worbreck castle hotel which was on the sea front, you could see that in it's hay day this hotel was really something quite spectacular.  The Worbreck is huge and is equipped with swimming pool, Gym, steam room and such which is great but in all honesty this hotel could do with updating and a little bit of TLC to get it back to what it once was.

Our weekend consist of relaxation, a few visits, much giggles and jokes, a few rides and a bit of sightseeing. All in all it was a lovely weekend, accompanied by beautiful weather which was an added bonus to the pleasant time we spent in Blackpool.

Glad to be back with my 3 babies :D

Photos to be uploaded later