Saturday, 22 June 2013

Worst Hair day!

On Friday I got it into my head that I wanted to dye my hair. Oh Gosh, why oh why did I think this! So I jumped up, went to superdrug and bought the colour I thought would look great in my hair. I went to mum's where I prepared the colour and she dyed my hair.......this is the result, not a great pic but you can see what a disaster it turned out to be.

Its patchy thanks to mum and super bright at the front, never mind lol Mr M loves it and its a change from the norm. I will re dye it in 2 weeks.

Saturdays are usually a hustle and bustle, as with anyone who has children knows, you got to wash, dry, iron school uniforms, clean the house and then we have activities such as dance group, parties that your children have been invited to, or maybe shopping to replace school shoes!!!!!

This week however, its been a quiet one I marched the kids off to the barber this morning, for a long over due 'trim', put Isa to sleep for his mid-morning nap and was off to Tesco's to do a bit of shopping. Since then I have lazed around the house as I have lent my vacuum cleaner to my monster-in-law oops I meant mother-in-law lol. Only joking she really is a lovely women with a heart of gold X.
Another reason I can take it easy today is that Mr M has decided to cook me and the kids dinner mmmmmm it looks delicious doesn't it? It tastes even better and I am not really a fan of Salmon but it really is fantastic in flavour and he is welcome to make it anytime he feels like.

Lil Isa is not eating at the moment, I dunno whether he's making a statement about my cooking, or its just a low on the roller coaster that is teething.  Well in saying that he eats an awful lot of grapes and biscuits so maybe that's what's filling him up.

This is me and my kids with our new hair lol.