Sunday, 2 June 2013

kids, life and relationships

It's been a while since my last post and I've been up to loads.  Women know your worth(an organisation run by my sister Gail our friend Gen and myself) have been busy, making merchandise, marketing our event, having tables at events and on top of that trying to spend half term occupying our lil ray's of sunshine with fun things to do.

Its been hectic and its taken a toll on my energy levels, but I can't say I love it any less.
My kids have been the main focus of this past half term break and I've spent time taking them out and watching movies with them. 
Isaaq's scary face at an event we went to.

Ismail and Isaaq have more or less argued everyday since the half term began with Isa close behind them watching their every move and learning quickly from it. My saving grace has been the fact the boys like to go out and play football at any given chance!


Isa is still teething and has definitely entered the terrible two's stage.  This baby screams the house down and keeps mumma on her toes from 6 to 8 everyday, with demands from biscuits, juice, grapes, to "outside mummy" but he is so worth it and I love his personality to bits, he is Mummy's cheeky little monkey.
I have really enjoyed this half term put aside all the worries and stress life brings but I am glad schools back on tomorrow and my muchkins can get back to their routines!!!!

Lately it seems like there has been a surge in unhappy relationships.  Someone I know is either getting a divorce, not treating their partner with the respect and love they deserve, cheating, or moving out of their joint home.

If you ask me the problem is men, they would like to think we are the confused ones but in actual fact it seems to me as though they are just full of.....mmm what's the word???.... CRAP!!
I was going to put the question to you guys, Do you think this surge is a figment of my imagination or do you think it's not a surge and that things have always been this way. But I won't ask, as men have been this way since forever, it's only women have changed and now we are less likely to settle for any poo that a man has to dish out.

Over the last 3 days I've heard stories upon stories from upset women about their loved one's, is it no wonder that women are turning to other women for comfort?? This is not something I really agree with but each to their own and what you do in your time is your business.

Mr M is behaving himself at the moment and making efforts to stay happy but who knows when his fragile mood will take a turn for the worse and I will be on the top of this list of unhappy relationships.