Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Invisible key

I think it takes a weak person who cannot communicate their thoughts or feelings across to others. That was me for a very long time, it may sound harsh to say this but I believe it, and I have always been harsh on myself.

I use to withhold the things I needed to say to people so not to hurt their feelings, even though not communicating my thoughts would hurt mine in return and I have even done this with certain family members, not naming any names lol! But seriously this can be detrimental to ones mental and physical health, and what happens ultimately is that you have a lot of built up frustrations and anger towards people and life.

My sister and I made a video on Friday named 'Trust' for Women Know Your Worth (did I tell you the website is up and running :D). In which we discussed the fact that being hurt should not determine that you turn into a closed person, who now is not willing to trust, through fear of being screwed over again. What kind of life would you live? One without adventure and meaning? Without living and trying with someone you truly love just because you've been hurt before.

You will end up watching everyone around you get married and have children, move on whilst you are still stuck. Maybe not stuck in the past but stuck as in stagnant, not being able to move forward or open your heart to something so wonderful, something that you haven't ever dreamt that you could even have.  That something is not necessarily perfect but is prefect for you, regardless of what others think and feel.

Which brings me back to where I started about communication, so many relationships break down because people cannot communicate their true feelings;

I just want to have sex,
I love you and want to be with you, but you've hurt me and it'll take time to rebuild and regain my trust,
I don't love you any more,
Your all I've ever wanted but I hate the way you behave....

What ever it maybe communication is always the key in any relationship and without it your relationship will ultimately break down at one point or another and you may not ever get it back. Communication and trust goes hand in hand.

You have to sort of laugh when people think you should know what they're thinking, I'm done with mind reading, so all those that know me, if you really love me and want us to have a relationship, partner, brother, mother, sister or friend then please use words when wanting to express your thoughts, because communication is key lol xxx

Peace and love, stay blessed.