Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Green is beauty

Tara has set this weeks theme as 'Green' on the sticky fingers gallery, so I will talk about all things green in this post :)

I love Green it's my favourite colour, my birthstone its self is an Emerald. I see green in so many different ways and being around it always seems to calm my mood.
It is vibrant, bright and reminds me how the world continues to regenerate itself every year, through the different season's from summer right back around to spring.

This is a picture from my bedroom window of my back garden.

so fresh and so green

Although I love the outdoors, parks, plants, farms and all things green, I should tell you I have also been known to kill a plant or 2......or 3 :(

Marijuana AKA Green, a gift to mankind or a plight?
Does its medicinal purposes out way the horrific side effects?

The way I see it is each to their own I won't judge you or dislike you because of it, BUT through my own personal experience I can safely say I can't stand the stuff.
In my eyes it makes MOST people lazy, over think, and have erratic behaviour.  I have tried it in the past as most young people do but maybe because I was too chicken to inhale it properly it didn't really have an effect, all I can remember thinking is 'what is the big deal!?'.

My little brother on the other hand started smoking from young and now suffers mental health issues, which has totally changed his life and mine and obviously the way I see things.  I may or may not talk about this more at a later date, but it is rather a delicate subject for me so we will see.