Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Sticky fingers Gallery theme: Dads

There are some people in the world that have the gift to charm, they are a joy to be around, can engage in good conversation, they have good looks and can make you feel sooo special.  My Father is one of these people, the original player and can charm the socks off most.

I can safely say I was a daddy's girl up to the age of 11/12, he was the bestest, most strongest man in the world to me and I had so much love for him.  Pretty soon the stars in my eyes disappeared and were replaced with an unveiling of many faults.  I then realised that in fact my mum was my mother and my father rolled into one.

My mother is the glue that bonds my family together, the backbone, my support through thick and thin and is a Queen in my eyes.

Mr M is a good father, although he is very highly strung, has a hot temper and has a tendency to scream his lungs out, there is another side to him that is gentle and kind when dealing with his children.
Unlike my father, he actually remembers birthdays and days, months or years when they started to walk, talk or do something spectacular. 
I actually think that Mr M's parenting skills are very good, he spends a lot of time with the kids, rolls around on the floor with them, takes them to football, gives them plenty of love and affection and supports them financially. All in all they think he is a super Dad and that is what's most important.