Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Today was a good day

Okay why did I ever think that it was a good idea to give Ish a contract phone?  Since I gave Ismail his Blackberry; I've had nothing but trouble from him, deleted conversations, pinging to all hours of the night and now to top it off the preadolescent, wanna-be-rude boy/dancer Eldest son of mine has run up a bill of £140!!!!

Even I don't talk that much, I expected that if he faltered it would probably be approx. £40-£60 maximum, but noooooo! Ismail goes double and some.  Last week I could have strangled him with my bare hands!!! Oh no people it doesn't stop there. Ismail hasn't even got his phone at the moment because it has been confiscated at school for ringing in class!!!! Ahhhhhhhh
What can I say except believe me he ain't gonna do it again!

Today was a good day, I have been feeling a lil low lately to say the least and so has my positive team, so we have been unable to bounce off each other and lighten things up. But today I decided enough is enough....no really, enough is enough of this crap. I'm putting all the negatives out the door and opening the window to all the good things I know that are coming my way this year.

I went to the dentist this morning which was uncomfortable and invasive as always but was over quickly, I  continued on to my local Café with my Cheeky Monkey and a friend for a long awaited brunch.

Today Isa otherwise known as The Mischief Maker decided he wasn't going to play ball and misbehaved the whole time we was in the Café, by embarrassing me with his high pitch screams and the throwing of food and toys to all passer-by's.  As you can imagine I ate hurriedly, paid and left ASAP.  Even though he had a few fans.


I then picked up a few bits in Superdrug's to add to my beauty maintenance  ;) and then I walked home.

Isa is still going through his pre terrible two's, he still doesn't sleep properly through the night and he is still biting and pulling my boobs out at any given chance!! I stopped breast feeding in October last year by the way!

Isa going through his regular nightly tantrums just before bed

Oh Gosh, was I really contemplating having more???? I think....I actually might ;)  Watch this space lmao x

Was suppose to go see Man of Steel today, ended up chilling with Jazz whilst Mr M was DJing with the kids in the kitchen.

Before I forget big shout out to Vinny and KK, must make that play date soon xxxx