Sunday, 5 May 2013

Saturday madness

Yesterday was a action packed and fun filled day so I didn't get to make a post :(

Croydon was my first port of call. I went to the bank, threaded my eyebrows, bought my niece a present and myself some face cream, and was back home by 10.15a.m.

The kids started their new dance club yesterday, which they thoroughly enjoyed. On the way there my phone decided it wasn't going to work, therefore no GPS and no directions, making them 20 minutes late. My fault completely I should have looked at the directions before I left the house. Naughty mummy!

Its funny we rely on these Gadgets and Gizmos so much to live what is seemly suppose to be a normal life and without them we forget how to function or even worse we almost can't function.  Even Isa and my nephew Daniel have a loving relationship with the Ipad and have mentioned the word 'Ipad' 10x already this morning(have to keep an eye, don't want it to turn into an addiction).

Yesterday our team went to the Idea's fair run by ABCD in Thornton Heath, although I didn't really expect to enjoy it I had a surprising good time talking and networking. We got some great ideas from it as well as, a free table at an up and coming event and possible funding for WKYW!  WKYW is a newly set up business run by my sister Gail, Genevieve and I (if you want to know more visit our page).  The afternoon consist of talks, food and sharing ideas, there were 5 different tables where you could sit and discuss the table topics which off the top of my head were Change the world, Security, Sharing skills, Community and Identity.
It was a good event hope to attend more.

Later was dinner at Pizza Hut with Thian and family for T's birthday celebrations, which was a blast but by this time sleep was catching up with me.

Mr M is on a road trip to Birmingham this weekend, so I invited my sister and her offspring to stay. Yay SLEEPOVER!!! The night was filled with babies fighting over toys, the eldest two Tianna and Ish debating/arguing if One Direction(Tianna's fav) is better than Mindless Behavior(Ish's fav) and Izee just making noise and then falling asleep on his bed. My sister and I was sooo knackered we too conked out at approx 12......ish Exhausted.