Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The 'High' way

As I've told you previously, lately my mind has been heavily loaded with thoughts of my future and making a better life for me and my family.  So much so that today, not concentrating on the road and letting my mind wonder I almost drove the car into an island in the middle of the road. 
Trust me when I tell you, that the mindless drifting away stops today and my attention will be at its fullest from this day onwards and I will put those particular thoughts to bed when I'm driving, as it has definitely scared the life out of me!!

It would not be anything I haven't heard before, if someone were to tell me that I like things my own way.  BUT.........just because I lose my temper QUITE  quickly, it doesn't mean that the words rolling off my fiery tongue have no relevance to the argument, it just means that I'm emotional and your probably less emotional, lol and although I may like things my way, I would much rather you speak the truth and let me know your true thoughts and feelings because I hate fake!

Maybe my next target in self growth is to curb my hot temper! I suppose I could be a little less hostile at times :D

I don't often open up and let people in, which is part of the reason I started this blog. As a 'get to know the real me' kinda thing.  When I invite a person into my life, most often than not it's for the long run, those people that take advantage of my caring nature will soon find out I will eventually let go of something that is no good for me. 

I believe it's a shame when some people simply pass judgement on others, pretending they are not doing so, whilst taking the moral high ground because the think they're never wrong. What I say to those people is you can "TAKE THE HIGH WAY". In this case as the saying goes 'it's my way or the High way' in my most posh spoilt princess voice : D