Friday, 3 May 2013


Dropped Izee to school at approx 9.04 this morning!!! The school bell rings at 8.55 by the way.
Why is it when you're running late every traffic light seems to be RED or on the verge of red? 

Well this morning was no different every single traffic light from the moment I left my house until I reached the school gates were red.....and to top it off there was some real 'IDIOTS!' on the road!! Either that or because I was running late I failed to see reason to what is usually classed as normal driving or to have a rational response lol. 
So as you can imagine it was quite a stressful start to the day, but it did blossom into both a productive and pretty much easy going sort of day.

I love my family to bits and enjoy spending time with my sisters, today I spent yet another day with my lil sister Gail and our friend(her besty) Gen.

The next few things I'm gonna tell you may bore the hell out of you but I love talking about my family and what they mean to me.

My relationships with my sisters have changed a lot over recent years, I guess you could say it has evolved, mostly due to the maturing and understanding of myself.
I have 3 sisters whom all have different traits and personalities. The eldest Patina is reliable and hard-working, she is a successful career women and a mother of 3. Patina makes time for her kids doing the activities they love. It's super hard to juggle work and family but she does a wonderful job. I have the most respect for her.  Plus she makes time for the rest of us, she is very organised like that...this women makes an itinerary for our family holidays and rotas in our rest days!!!!

 Julia is the next in line of my sisters, she is just as hard-working and at work she's the perfect manager.  At home Julia is a work in progress she is always late, and a combination of disorganisation and confusion rolled into one. But Julie is also extremely loving and caring and will give up her last breath for her daughter and the rest of us whilst spending all her money to keep us happy and comfortable. For got to mention that Julia is loads of fun and I see alot of her in myself

Last but not least Gailann aka MummaG this one is full of surprises, she is extremely clever sometimes too smart for her own good. Gail loves to be the student and has completed and assortment of courses which means she is qualified in a few different careers.  As long as I can remember she has had her nose in a book, both novel and text!  Like Patina, Gail is a master of time keeping, she is organised and unorganised at the same time. She never fails to surprise me and is the most resilient person I have come across. Although she is the youngest she inspires me a great deal.

I am extremely proud of all my sisters and in some ways wish I could be more like all of them.

Oh by the way I came back to find Mr M in the back garden...Mowing the lawn. Thumbs up to Mr M!! For those who know him they know this took quite a bit of effort and the outcome was a grand achievement for him (not to mention it being a yearly affair).  And for the those of you that don't know him yet you will get to know! :D