Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Self portrait

My children are my life and I tell myself everyday how truly blessed I am.
In my first two posts I seldom mention my eldest Ismail or Ish as we call him.  Ish has been unwell over the past 2 days with a cough and cold. Since Ish was a baby he's suffered with asthma and we have flown him in and out of hospital more times than I can remember.

Today he seemed a little better so we decided to go venture out to visit my sister. 
Ish is the calmest of my children, his passion is dancing alongside trying new dishes and has a very exotic palate, he loves to laugh, talk, ask questions and is a joy to be around.

When arriving at my sisters she was in the middle of posting her latest blog she began to tell me about a blog page called 'Sticky fingers' and was about to post her self portrait which was a theme for the gallery this week on the sticky finger's blog page.

I have never liked taking pictures of myself and especially up close but lately I have been thinking God forbid anything was to happen to me 'Les Enfants' would have nothing to remember me by and so now I am making and effort to take as many photos as I can of me and of us together.

I decided after reading what 'The Gallery' was all about I am going to join in the fun.
So here goes!!

No make up no retakes just me :)