Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Pull the weed

Why is it most men have no patience?

Today Mr M asked the kids to pull the weeds and tidy up the garden as on Saturday they hadn't quite finished before we had to rush off to dance club.  I have no problem with this at all, I feel that it is necessary to teach children to look after themselves in life by doing such chores. 

My Mother however did not teach me these things at home. So while friends had responsibilities at home, I had none and was able to play the day away. As far a chores went, it wasn't until I was about 14 that I started to iron my own clothes, wash up and vacuum every now and again. Although my mother is fantastic by not making me do these things she made it extremely hard for me when moving out. I had to learn how to run a household on my own.  In short I was thrown in the deep end!

Needless to say Mr M has issues with me not teaching our kids the tools they need to survive life on their own and today he displayed his annoyance. It started with me and why the job he asked the kids to do was not well done, then went on to him doing an erratic display of how to sweep the
garden, and ended in us both red faced and not speaking.

It takes patience and communication to teach our children how to do things.  Maybe we could both use a lesson in that.....Mr M more so :)