Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Mumma's weekend

This is my second week joining in with The Gallery and this weeks topic is the weekend.

As of late,  at weekends I have been rushed off my feet so I'm going to paint you a metaphorical picture of a good weekend and Its begins with me waking up to an empty bed all to myself, the aroma of a home cooked breakfast, possibly a fry up being served to me in bed with a nice hot beverage of my choice.  Mr M can take care of the house work, the cooking, the washing and the ironing....the list runs a mile long

Mmmm now lets see, what's next....Then Mr M can take the kids out for a while so I can get some ME time!

I would have a lovely hot PEACEFUL bath(peaceful meaning no barge-ins, crying or calling out for mumma).... Then a relaxing night in, watching Disney movies and eating pop corn with the fam...then maybe a game of Scattergories.

Saturday we can do it all over again, with the night ending in me and my girlies going out for dinns at the Brazilian restaurant we are headed to this coming Saturday :) I'll tell you more about that later.

Short and sweet post, sounds like a pretty great weekend to me