Monday, 13 May 2013

Lost voice

Weekend gone was a good one. On Saturday I had a girly night out with my sister Gail and friend Gen. We went to eat at a Brazilian restaurant in Holborn called Guanabara. It was a night to let my hair down and relax with no children or hubby in tow.

Saturday day my voice began to leave me and by Saturday night I was struggling to be heard, but by hook or by crook I was still going lol.
It's not often I get to have some free time to myself without having to rush back. So that's just what I did, I let my hair down and had some fun, with no voice.

Guanabara is a fantastic night out for all types of people, they have live music,

good food

colourful Brazilian dancers and an open dance floor, which it seemed everybody was on at one stage of the night. It's isn't too badly priced either, it's a restaurant so entrance is free and for those who drink alcohol half price happy hour ends at 8.30pm.
All in all it gets a big thumbs up from me and my homies :D and we will be heading back there some time soon. Waiters weren't too bad to look at either! So the girl's tell me ;). Oh and I must mention the toilets were kept clean.

My Saturday was great but it swiftly ended the moment I opened the front door to find the toilet had over flowed......and guess who had to clean it up?

Izee won man of the match again on Sunday, yay!!!!!

(love my original Pudge)

It's Monday evening and my voice still hasn't come back to me!!!! I need my voice. :(
Today was a productive day, Isa behaved him self and pretty much let me do some work. 

Ish forgot to pick up his little bro from school and reached home about the time Izee was suppose to be picked up from school, Lucky I swang by Isaaq's school on my way home from Mum's.

At the moment Ish is trying my patience with school. Late mornings and missed homework is all I'm going to say for today.