Friday, 17 May 2013

Happy birthday to ME

Life's full of surprises, I don't think there are many people that can say they've lived their life how they had planned it at a young age.  For instance, I always knew I wanted children I envisioned 4 but I have only had date(and it's such hard work). Well who knows there's some life in the old girl yet! lol.
I also planned to live somewhere hot and sunny but I'm still in good o'England.  Life just doesn't really turn out how you expected it to or how you've dreamt.  I am not disappointed in my life or the decisions I have made, but recently I have started to focus hard on how to improve and better my life and the lives of my babies, whilst also having a whale of a time! Right now it's all about me!

I celebrated my 34th birthday yesterday. I know you guys can't believe it as I still look sooo young (forgive me, I'm on one of those praise yourself, cause no one else is gonna do it days).
Heck I can't believe it! No really, where has the time gone?
I remember being at school like it was just yesterday, only it wasn't :( because yesterday was my 34th birthday and my secondary school days were like over 18 years ago!! boo hoo.

Everyone keeps asking me what are you going to do? or what did you do? Which is a pretty normal question to ask, I don't know about the rest of you but at 34 I can safely say clubbing it down was the last thing on my mind! I had a relaxing morning and lunch with Mr M and Isa, followed by dinner, tea and cakes with mummy dear and the rest of the fam.  T'was a good day :)

If we are blessed enough to grow old that's a good thing right, and I can safely say that my life so far has been good with only a few bad memories, but loads of great one's.
Oh if anyone asks I'm still 30 and will remain so until I start looking 40!!! :-|

"Vex!" I missed my weekly entry at 'The Gallery', this week's topic was new. Never mind I guess, it wasn't meant to be.