Thursday, 2 May 2013

Infection and itchy feet.

Since I was around 9 years old I have been infected with what is known as the travel bug! I love to travel and by being blessed with parents from two different sides of the world I was able to travel often to visit family.
We conquered countries from Malaysia where my mother was born, as well as the neighbouring Thailand, Singapore and a long list of other countries all over the globe.
So here I am writing this post on this beautiful sunny day with the itchiest of feet planning my next travel adventure. Should it be the beautiful sunny beaches of Jamaica or even the concrete jungle that is New York????  Where ever it is, I wanna go and go now! I need a holiday!!

Mr M took me and Isa out and about with him today or "rolling" as he so poetically calls it, basically we went out in the car. We had lunch at an Algerian café called Casbah, it was good grub.
Isa was his usual moody self as he is STILL teething :(  Is teething really suppose to last this longggg?!!

I have to give him credit though as it was nap time and he didn't scream the place down as he would do on any other given day.