Friday, 10 May 2013

Cheerful complaints

Where shall I start......

The Biatch is back(pardon my French)! Only those who suffer from hayfever can understand the plight she puts me through every year, this year she has come back with vengeance! Itchy eyes, blocked sinus, runny nose, headache, constant sneezing and the list goes on. I only hope the new medication I'm taking helps me get through it with a lil more ease than last summer.

I adore British summertime at its best, the long warm days, family picnic's and visits to the beautiful
English countryside and parks. I'm loving life at the moment, especially with the fantastic weather we've been having. Right now I'm just dreaming about this summer, and how to jam pack as much as possible into the months ahead.

So if anybody has any ideas of great places to visit or fun things to do, I would be grateful for the info :)

Isa is now stringing a few more words together, Mr M and MummaG think this is due to the fact he has just sprouted around 8 teeth in one go, poor thing!  Whatever it is, I'm loving the fact that he is communicating with me and can express himself without frustration.

Children grow so quickly, before you look around their childhood is ending. So I am trying to focus on what's important and to slow down and appreciate every moment God blesses me with them. We often lose sight of some of the important stuff when dealing with what life throw's at us on a daily basis.
Love my munchkins to bits(even though they drive me nuts! lol).

On a different note, I could sware my kids are eating their socks!! My children always seem to have a drawer full of single, unpaired socks. You probably think I'm mad. It seems, no matter how many pairs of socks I buy them at the end of the week when the washing has been done, their drawers remains the same, full of odd socks!!!  Silly thing to blog about but I wanted to know if anyone else experiences this?