Sunday, 28 April 2013

Its a Sunday ting!

Hello Everyone,
This is my first post and I am at loss for words on how I will start my blog.  So I have decided to just tell you about what Mr M and I got up to today with the muchkins.

In most West Indian households Sunday is full of noise, kids pottering throughout the house, music being played and a big family dinner which for me typically consists of rice and peas, mac and cheese, pasta salad, steamed veg, plantain and some sort of meat; today mine was brown stew chicken.
My morning started the same as usual 6.30 a.m. without fail my youngest Isa wakes me up with his usual "mummy, milk, milk mummy" thus the day begins.  After about 10 minutes Isaaq walks through my bedroom door or Izee as we all call him with his morning salutations.  Isaaq is the most organised but most active of my 3 boys and by the time I look round 10-20 minutes later he has got his full football kit on, brushed his teeth and bathed.
By 10a.m. Mr M strolls out of bed with his usual abruptness, oh he is a happy old soul first thing in the morning! Its probably because he gets up at 10a.m. and has to be leaving the house within 10 minutes to take Izee to football.
10.15 Mr M, Izee and Ismail{the eldest} also referred to as Ish leave the front door like a whirlwind with their Salaams, leaving me and baby Isa home alone.

By 12pm Isa has ate his usual oats porridge for brekkie and had an assortment of snacks from fruits, biscuits to bread and the list goes on. As he decides its nap time I start on our Sunday dinner our choice of music this sunday was a well known Nigerian musician called Fela.

Dinner was cooked by 3pm which is when my good friend Jazzy arrived and straight away we indulge in the ritual tea, biscuit and catch ups. The boys also came trudging in from footy around this time with 2 extra persons whom were Isaaq's best buds with stories of a 4:2 victory, a winning goal and man of the match performance from Izee.

I love Sundays even though they are mad busy with ironing, cooking and a house filled with noise there is a sense of peace at the same time and when I sit back with my family as evening comes in, after our tummies are full and the muchkins get ready for bed I know I am truly blessed.

I must say Mr M was quite well behaved today ;-)